There are two assumptions that come to mind when discussions of “Rousey vs. Cyborg” hit the table. One much bigger than the other, but I will let you decide which one is bigger The first assumption is that Rousey is able to successfully defend her title against Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in the same fashion she has in all of her previous defenses. The second assumption is that with the new rules banning the use intravenous’ to rehydrate, how will this affect Cyborg’s ability to make the 135-pound weight limit.

Now, after stating those assumptions, let’s look that the four possible outcomes I see happening.

First, Cyborg winning by KO/TKO or submission.

Second, Cyborg winning by decision.

Third, Rousey winning a decision.

Finally, Rousey winning quickly as she has down in all her title defenses either by KO/TKO or submission.

Looking at the first outcome, if Cyborg were to win by KO/TKO or submission over Rousey, it would either allow Rousey to leave MMA and focus more on her acting and writing careers or set up a even bigger rematch. If Rousey were to get stopped by Cyborg and lose her title, I believe the UFC and Rousey would both look have a rematch as it would give Rousey an opportunity to avenge her only MMA loss and the UFC would have to potential of having one of  their biggest pay-per-views of all time.

The second and third outcomes of either fighter winning by decision sets up a great potential for a rematch and the UFC cashing in on the pay-per-view mentioned above. This would also allow the other fighters in the division to work their way up the rankings or defend their place in the rankings while waiting for the next shot at the title. This time will also allow these competitors to grow their skill set and hopefully be better competition for whomever leaves the Champion.

The fourth and final outcome is the one that I believe would hurt women’s MMA the most as it shows that no matter the opponent, Rousey is still that much better than what’s thrown her way. With a dominant win over Cyborg, Rousey will have truly cleaned out her division and beaten her greatest rivals. With no true competition left in the UFC, I see Rousey stepping away from the sport and focusing on her acting career.

In short, we need to enjoy Rousey while we have her. After her fight at UFC 190 against Correia, we may only see her two or three more times. Even after all of the championships, awards and other accolades she has received, I still don’t think that we can truly appreciate what we are witnessing.

She is arguably the greatest female fighter ever in combat sports and the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter on the planet, male or female. We will be able to see Rousey live up to all the hype live on PPV August 1, 2015, at UFC 190 as she defends her UFC women’s bantamweight championship against the #7 female bantamweight in Correia.

About The Author

Scott Bond
Staff Writer

Scott is a Sports Administration graduate from Laurentian University. He has been a fan of MMA for over 15 years following closely the impact it has had on Canada. The business side of MMA is Scott’s true passion, be it the economics of the sport or the worldwide acceptance it has received and increased revenues that have followed.