Jessica Eye is fighting Miesha Tate on UFC Fight Night this Saturday, July 25. This is a very important fight for both fighters. Tate would like to earn another run at Ronda Rousey while Eye would also like to move up in the division for a potential showdown with Rousey as well. Tate has been on a winning streak and she is more than ready to continue that streak.

So, many wonder, what can Eye do to stop Tate and steal her chance at getting another shot at the belt? Let’s break it down.

Jab, Jab, Jab

Eye needs to use her jab to setup the big punches. She has significant and underrated power in his punches. Eye has a slight reach advantage and if she consistently keeps Tate at a distance with her jabs, she can frustrate Tate. The jab is the key punch for Eye in this fight as it sets up the distance and will make Tate hesitate to shoot in for takedowns. Once Eye slows Tate down and the jab is landing consistently, this is the time for Eye to go for the hard damaging punches.


In order to keep the fight standing and make the takedowns difficult, Eye will need to work angles and not stand in front of Tate. By using angles, Eye will be able to keep Tate in bad positions for takedown attempts. Eye needs to circle and keep distance, never going straight in or straight out, but always taking an angle in her approach.

Takedown Defense

Takedown defense is crucial for Eye to win the fight. If Tate can get Eye on the ground, this is bad news for Eye. By keeping a good distance and using her boxing skills, the takedowns should be easier to defend. Eye has good striking and heavy hands, if she can keep this fight standing, she wins by decision.

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Jessica Doerner
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Jessica Doerner is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a 5 and 3 professional record. She has also worked for the Air Force for over 14 years and is currently in the Hawaii Air Guard. Jessica has a Master’s degree in Sports and Health Science, Bachelors in Management/Healthcare, and Associates in Information Systems. She has a passion for all things health and fitness especially anything related to Mixed Martial Arts.