The mainstream media are jumping on the Ronda Rousey bandwagon to such a degree that she might just need a train or cruise ship to carry them all.

The ESPNers and the like have been talking non-stop about this phenom, the most indestructible woman of all time, possibly the greatest female athlete of all time, and one of, if not the number, most interesting athlete in sport day.

It begs the question – where will they be a year from now? Because, frankly, Rousey may not be anywhere near the cage.

Rousey has been pushed, force fed some might say, by the UFC and in turn the mainstream media and even Hollywood have scoped her up. People, mainly media, who have never followed or cared about MMA before are taking hold of this story.

But has Rousey’s dominance wind up being a bore or will it take on a life of its own? Will there be an interest in seeing Rousey mow through more opposition such as taking on Miesha Tate for a third straight time?

It’s a huge crapshoot on whether Rousey will ever clash Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino, the only woman who could actually give the UFC champ and poster girl a run for her money. A litany of issues are currently preventing that fight, most notably allegations of performance-enhancing drugs as well as the probability of Justino making the weight cut.

Rousey has drawn comparison to Mike Tyson for the way have blasted through their opponents in record-breaking time. The difference was that Tyson’s opponents, the vast majority at least, had some level of accomplishment and experience. Rousey’s foes, save for Tate, have done nothing but get catapulted up the rankings only to be thrust right back down in mere seconds once inside the cage.

A flip of the calendar to 2016 should decide where Rousey’s future rests. If she hasn’t fought or been booked to fight ‘Cyborg’ by then, it probably will never happen thus resulting in more lambs headed to the Rousey slaughtering house. Two or three more of these 30-some-second fights might end up being more harm than good.

Rousey’s personality will only carry fight interest so far.

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Scott Zerr
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