In one of the most exciting fights of the year, and the ‘Fight of the Night’ at UFC on Fox 16 on July 25, 2015, one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC is already scheduled to fight again at UFC 191 on Sept. 5, in Las Vegas.

Paul Felder will be making a quick turnaround from his most recent fight, a three round war with Edson Barboza, and will look to bounce back from his unanimous decision loss. It was a fight where someone had to lose, but they both looked like winners after the fight. Felder impressed fans, and even Dana White, with his arsenal of spinning strikes, as he held his own against the seventh ranked lightweight in Barboza.

Felder got the short end of the stick at the end of the fight, losing a 29-28 unanimous decision by all three judges, which was the first loss of his promising career; now putting his record at 10-1. Felder talked about his first career loss and how he felt about it.

“It [the loss to Barboza] freaking sucked, man,” Felder told The MMA Corner. “You know, I went in there knowing that I could beat Edson. I know he is a great kick boxer and a veteran in the UFC, but I think I had what it took to get the job done. The only thing that makes it a little easier was that he was number seven in the world and we got the Fight of the Night bonus. It got my name out there and got me a lot of attention so it takes the sting away a little bit, but man, I was pissed off when I got backstage. I went and watched the fight a bunch of times to see what needed to be fixed and what I need to improve on. I saw a lot of things that were good and bad. I am definitely just moving forward and ready to get back in there.”

Felder wasn’t exaggerating when he said he was ready to get back in there. The MMA Corner reported that Felder was added to the UFC 191 card, a card that is just forty-two days after his last fight, to take on Ross Pearson. Felder talked about the quick turnaround from his UFC on Fox 16 loss to Edson Barboza to the UFC 191 matchup with Pearson.

“It was from a conversation with Joe Silva,” said Felder. “They were asking if I was back in training and when is it going to look good for me to get back in the cage, when am I thinking, and who am I thinking. They [the UFC] said, ‘how about September, we have a slot open.’ Rob [Haydak], my manager, texted me and was like, ‘do you want to just jump right back in?’ I said, ‘why not?’”

Felder’s “fight as much as possible” attitude is great for the UFC and is very Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone like, which is ironic; Felder and Cerrone are not only training partners at the BMF Ranch, but they are also good friends. Felder talked about his mentality of taking fights so quickly in the UFC and his good friend, “Cowboy” Cerrone.

“Obviously Cowboy [Cerrone] has a huge influence on me,” Felder explained. “He is one of my really good friends and kind of a mentor, you know, I look up to him. I see what he has done with his career, how fans react to him, and how the UFC treats him. I want that for myself. I want to be in this company for the rest of my career. You got to fight often and fight your ass off. All I do is fight. I do not have another job, so to go six weeks later and fight again, get the same pay, and maybe get a bonus; it is awesome. It is not all about the money; I enjoy being in there. All the guys at the [BMF] Ranch are like that.”

Felder talks strongly about the BMF Ranch and the relationships he has there. You can tell, and see, that Felder has been making strides as a fighter since training at the BMF Ranch. Felder will leave on Monday to make his way back out to the BMF Ranch to train for his fight at UFC 191.

Due to Cerrone’s hazardous ways, we suggested Felder stay out of harm’s way at the BMF Ranch after I talked with his good friend Jonavin Webb about a crazy near death situation that Webb was involved in, and Felder shared a story with me that I wont share. Just know it is your typical BMF Ranch story and lets just say that Felder will not take part in a lot of the extracurricular activities at the BMF Ranch anymore.

“I don’t do that shit, man,” Felder laughed and joke. “Cowboy is insane with that stuff. He is a maniac, but I try to avoid all that stuff. I watch TV and workout a lot.”

Felder may be watching a lot of TV and working out a lot, but leaving for the BMF Ranch is not easy for Felder. Felder leaves behind his girlfriend, Christina, and their baby girl, Aisling. Felder talked about leaving his loved ones behind for the four weeks.

“It is, I’ll be honest, it is hard,” said Felder. “For this camp, a bunch of my crew is out in New Mexico and I will be out there for four weeks. This will be the first time with the baby that I will be gone for a significant amount of time. It sucks. I am looking at her today and thinking, ‘oh man, you are growing everyday. You are going to look different when I get back.’”

Felder is now known, and in the select group, for a fighter that will take any fight. One other category Felder is starting to be known for is the post fight bonuses. Other than his UFC debut, Felder’s last two fights in the UFC have resulted in a bonus; a Fight of the Night in his loss to Barboza and the other was a Performance of the Night for his Knockout of the Year candidate over Danny Castillo. One important factor that is helping him be known for both of these categories is his baby girl, Aisling. Felder talked about his life of fighting and being a father.

“It has been awesome,” Felder said. “Christina and I have been hanging around the neighborhood and going to different restaurants while hanging out with our little baby. She [Aisling] is starting to roll over and starting to try to crawl. It is insane. The incentive to fight is even stronger. I think that is one of the reasons I took a fight in four weeks.”

“I want to continue to love the sport and provide for my family.”

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