Jake Smith is currently 3-0 in his professional MMA career with his most recent victory at King of the Cage coming by way of split decision. Smith talked about his career so far and accessed how he feels he has done thus far.

“I’m undefeated, so I can’t complain,” Smith told The MMA Corner. “My first two fights were good. My first fight went perfectly with a first round finish. Throughout my amateur career I was known for having heavy hands and I think that I am showing that in the pro ranks. My first tow fights were quick finishes, but my last fight was not the most ideal fight for me. I got the win, but I am not the happiest with it. I have things to improve on and I am looking forward to doing that.”

Smith will look to improve on his game at Rose City FC, where he trains with former UFC veteran and current Titan FC lightweight champion, Pat Healy. Smith talked about the influence Healy has on him, which also led to him signing with Titan FC, where Healy is the current champion.

“Me signing with Titan FC has a lot to do with my teammate, Pat Healy,” said Smith. “He has been in the big shows, fighting in Strikeforce and the UFC, so for that kind of veteran to be with Titan FC means a lot. I have talked to him about Titan FC at the gym and he was happy about it. It was a great opportunity because I am a young fighter. Opportunities like this do not come up much so I am just so lucky to sign with Titan FC.”

Rose City FC is a great place to be training because of the fighters they have there. Healy highlights the group and it is something that Smith was happy to explain.

“It is a room full of killers, that is for sure,” said Smith. “My training partners for the most part are Pat Healy, Mike Pierce, who has been a big supporter and friend for me, and Dave Jansen. It is one of those rooms where you see a lot of guys come in and sink or swim. A lot of guys come in and sink so they leave. They are not the biggest fish so they get out. I take pride in that. I am not the best guy in the room, but that is something I am striving to be. I work everyday with these guys. Metal sharpens metal, you know?”

Smith will be looking to show his improvements on Titan FC 35, a card that is headlined by his teammate Pat Healy. Smith will be taking on Taki Uluilakepa at Titan FC 35 and he talked about his opponent and their fight.

“I do not know much about him,” said Smith. “He is a southpaw and most people shy away from southpaws, but I love them. I think it is a great opportunity to go out there and fight someone. I am going to mix it up a little bit and I have some surprises up my sleeve. He seems like a grinder to me.”

The fight will be on UFC Fight Pass, which will be the first time Smith gets to fight with such a big audience. Smith talked about what fighting at Titan FC 35 on UFC Fight Pass means to him.

“It means everything, man,” said Smith. “This is it. This is my opportunity to show everyone that I am the real deal and ready to make the next step in my career. I am glad I am fighting early because then I get to watch the rest of the fights. There are going to be a bunch of great fights. I am going to go out there and get the win then watch the fights. Titan FC 35 is a great card.”

You can watch Titan FC 35 on UFC Fight Pass on Sept. 19, 2015.

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