Desmond Green is coming off of his most dominant performance yet, a thirty-two second KO victory over Vince Eazelle. It was a great bounce back victory for Green after he lost to Kurt Holobaugh by split decision at Titan FC 33, which was for the featherweight title. The CEO of Titan FC Jeff Aronson talked about the fighting being a number one contender fight and Green showed that he was a the number one contender. Green talked about his thirty-two second flash KO against Eazelle.

“That was my first fight after losing my belt,” Green told The MMA Corner. “I still to this day feel that I won that fight and the judges got it wrong, so I had a lot to prove. I had to prove a lot to my fans and myself as well. I really wanted a rematch with Kurt, but that did not go down. So, I made sure that I set a statement and made people realize I should be fighting for the belt again. I am going to get my belt back and prove that it never should have left.”

Green now has the chance to “get his belt back” against one of the best prospects in MMA, Andre Harrison. Harrison was the one who got to fight Holobaugh for the belt, even though Green felt he should have been granted a rematch, but regardless, the fight is set at Titan FC 35 for Harrison vs. Green for the featherweight title. Green talked about his fight at Titan FC 35 against Andre Harrison for the featherweight title.

“I have seen Andre fight a couple of times,” said Green. “He is a good guy and him and I talked and developed a relationship as friends. I already knew from the fight with him and Holobaugh that I was going to need to fight him. I did my homework. He is a dominant wrestler, but that is about it. He has okay striking, but in terms of matching up with me, I am a much taller guy. For wrestling, wrestling is where I came from. I have much stronger wrestling than Harrison. I think I would win a wrestling match against him any day of the week.”

Harrison is known for his dominant wrestling inside the cage, but Green was dominant on explaining that he will be, and is, the better wrestler. Green talked more about the fight with Harrison and how he is preparing for Harrison’s takedowns.

“He is a good wrestler, but he is no where close to as good as a wrestler than I am. I am not sure of his credentials, but I was a division one All-American in freestyle. I was ranked all the way up to eighth at one point on my college career. I am pretty confident in my wrestling abilities, and again, I would beat him in a wrestling match any day of the week. I am definitely a better wrestler than him.”

The debate for the better wrestler could go on for hours, but the debate on whether we will be seeing Green in the UFC is a quick one. Green is one of the top, if not the top, featherweights outside of the UFC. Many think that Green could be in the UFC right now, but a win at Titan FC 35 should almost cement a call from the UFC. Green talked about the UFC call after the fight and joked about what he would do if the call came before the Titan FC title fight.

“I hope I get the call,” said Green. “I really haven’t finished fights too much in my career, but I got one in this last fight and if I can finish Harrison, maybe I will get the call.”

“I would rather fight one more time in Titan anyway. I want my belt back. If they called today, I might tell them to let me fight and get my belt back. Then I will go get that UFC belt.”

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