At 7-0, Belal Muhammad has yet to lose a fight in his professional career. His last four victories have come by way of unanimous decision, with his most recent at Titan FC 33. Belal is signed on to keep fighting with Titan FC and he talked about the decision to fight for Titan.

“I was looking to sign with a good organization that cares for the fighters,” Muhammad told The MMA Corner. “Titan was the best one out there. They have the UFC clause, so they are not trying to lock you into anything. They have a lot of up and coming fighters, so I want to fight the best guys out there.”

His first fight with Titan FC was a successful one. He beat Keith Johnson by unanimous decision at Titan FC 33. He had to deal with an opponent change for the fight, but Muhammad worked through the opponent change to come out victorious. Muhammad talked about his victory at Titan FC 33 over Keith Johnson.

“He was good competition and a good test for me,” said Muhammad. “I had an opponent switch at the last second. I went from a small wrestler to a 6’4” guy, but I am good with any guy. I train with some good guys, so I was ready for it.”

Since his victory at Titan FC 33, Muhammad has not fought since. However, he is scheduled to fight at Titan FC 35 against Zane Kamaka. Kamaka is best known for making it on The Ultimate Fighter show and stands at 9-1 in his career. It is a tough test for Muhammad, but he is ready for Kamaka. Muhammad talked about his fight at Titan FC 35.

“I think he is a good opponent,” said Muhammad. “He has some hype around him because he is 9-1, so it will be a good matchup for us. One of our names will get out there after the fight. He is more of a banger, so I think it will be an exciting fight for the fans; especially on a card with three title fights. I think him and I can steal the show.”

The fight at Titan FC 35 will be on UFC Fight Pass; Titan FC’s second fight card that will be aired on Fight Pass. Muhammad talked about the emotions he will have to fight on UFC Fight Pass.

“I am really good with emotions,” said Muhammad. “I am not really big with getting nervous or anything like that. This is just a big opportunity on UFC Fight Pass to get my name out there.”

Muhammad obviously wants to get his name out there as his ultimate goal is to make it to the UFC. Muhammad explained that he liked Titan because he can leave whenever he wants to go to the UFC. Muhammad talked about not just making it to the UFC, but instead, doing more than just making it.

“My goal is not to just make it to the UFC; it is to make it to the top,” said Muhammad. “I want to fight for the belt and become a champion. I am not here to say, ‘oh I made it,’ but instead, I want to make a legacy.”

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