The current Cage Fury Fighting Championships heavyweight champion is ”Zu” Anyanwu. At 9-3, Anyanwu is one of the best heavyweight prospects outside of the UFC. Anyanwu has fought his last six fights for the CFFC and he talked about why he sticks with them.

“CFFC is a good organization,” Anyanwu told The MMA Corner. “They take guys to the next level. They are a good building block for the UFC. They are a close MMA promotion for me as well, so why not?”

Anyanwu fights out of Philadelphia, and unless you live under a rock, any fighter from Philadelphia is looked at with the thought of “Rocky” in mind. Anyanwu talked about what a fighter from Philadelphia needs.

“Man, if you are fighter from Philadelphia, you need to be naturally tough,” said Anyanwu. “You need to be naturally able to box. If you do not know how to box then you are not really training hard or in one of those good Philadelphia boxing gyms.”

Anyanwu has certainly been hitting those good Philadelphia boxing gyms with his five TKO/KO victories in his career. Anyanwu most recently won the CFFC heavyweight title against Plinio Cruz at CFFC 50 by split decision. Anyanwu talked about his victory at CFFC 50

“The victory was just hard work and determination,” said Anyanwu. “It was a rematch that he beat me about a year ago. The CFFC granted me the rematch. I am thankful that they did that. That was respectful of them to do.”

The victory for Anyanwu must have been sweet to win the belt back against the person who took it from him. Anyanwu talked about what it was like to win the belt back from Cruz.

“It felt good,” said Anyanwu. “I felt like I should have never lost the belt. I did not train hard for the first fight and did not take him seriously. It felt good to avenge my loss and get me right back where I need to be. It got me hungry again.”

After his victory at CFFC 50 for the heavyweight title, Anyanwu will be looking to defend his title against anyone that the CFFC puts in front of him. He does have one request though and Anyanwu talked about that request.

“I really want to fight a great opponent,” Anyanwu. “I want to fight a ex UFC veteran or someone to those standards. I want to get into the show. I want to fight someone really good.”

A great opponent and a title defense could certainly be the ticket for Anyanwu to the UFC. Anyanwu has won five of his last six fights and if he can show in his next fight that he is better than the competition in the CFFC, the UFC could come calling. Anyanwu talked about wanting to make it to the UFC.

“I want to make it to the UFC,” said Anyanwu “I want to make a run at the UFC title. I want to get a couple of Performance of the Night bonuses and then I will be good. I think I am really good. I just had a five round performance, and for a heavyweight without huffing and puffing, that is impressive. Most heavyweights can’t even go more than two rounds. I showed everything in my last fight. I can do it all. I know the UFC wants finishes, but I showed everything in that fight. I can do everything. What else do they want?”

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