A matchmaker is a person who engages in matchmaking, sometimes as a profession. For Scott Cutbirth a matchmaker is his profession. Cutbirth is the current matchmaker for Titan FC. Cutbirth talked about his job as the Titan FC matchmaker.

“I am the matchmaker so I make fights,” Cutbirth told The MMA Corner. “It is fun. Go out and look for new talent, sign talent, renew contracts, and make the fights. It is something I really enjoy to do. I was with RFA until June of last year. I took a break and got a call from Jeff. He asked if I would be interested in joining Titan and I said yes. We have two matchmakers and my best friend Joe Wooster is the other match maker.”

It is not everyday that you can work with your best friend, but for Cutbirth, that is exactly what it is. For some people, working with a friend could result in some poor results. That is not the case for Cutbirth and Wooster, but instead, they work well together like peanut butter and jelly. Cutbirth talked about working with his best friend Joe Wooster.

“We disagree all the time,” laughed Cutbirth. “We work really, really well together. We both know that this is kind of like putting your pants on. You put one leg in at a time and we both walk well together. We both know how we do what we do and it just makes things real smooth and easy.”

Cutbirth and Wooster have been creating some great cards and their last Titan FC card was easily their best. Titan FC 34 was arguably one of the best fight cards outside of the UFC this year. Cutbirth and Wooster were walking well together when they created this card. Cutbirth talked about the Titan FC 34 fight card.

“Not only was Titan FC 34 a huge card, but it was in my hometown, Kansas City,” said Cutbirth. “We actually put the card together in three weeks and five days. We were originally scheduled to go to go to Montreal, but the UFC Fight Pass deal pushed everything back a little bit. The card that we put together was phenomenal from top to bottom and it delivered. You can put together the greatest fights in the world and sometimes they do not deliver, but the fights were great.”

Titan FC 34 may have been their best card yet, but Titan FC 35 is starting to rival it. They have already scheduled three title fights on the card and have also stacked the card with some UFC veterans and great prospects. The main event of the card is UFC veteran and current Titan FC lightweight champion Pat Healy vs. former United States Olympian Rick Hawn. Cutbirth talked about the upcoming card in Titan FC 35.

“I am still not done with the card yet,” said Cutbirth. “We have released ten fights and there will be a couple more added to it. We are going to the Portland area, and with Pat Healy being our champion, it was a no-brainer. We have a great card put together with the three title fights. We have guys with UFC experience that are trying to get back and we have prospects trying to catch the eye of the UFC.”

Titan FC 35 is looking like it is going to be a great card. The CEO of Titan FC, Jeff Aronson, gives Cutbirth and Wooster a lot of faith in what they are doing. Cutbirth and Wooster are the ones who help make Titan FC go, because at the end of the day, the fights matter the most. Cutbirth talked about Aronson trusting him and his matchmaking abilities.

“It is kind of like a marriage,” said Cutbirth. “There is a lot of fighting that people do not see, but they just see the anniversary pictures online. It is a lot of fun being on board with Jeff. He gives me a lot of flexibility to do some things that maybe in that moment do not make the most sense, but with a long-term goal of working out. He has been very accommodating in anything that I have presented to him with solid reasoning behind it. It has been good working with him. Joe and I are always looking to improve off of what we have done and Jeff gives us the tools to be able to do that.”

You can watch Scott Cutbirth and Joe Wooster’s next masterpiece on September 19, 2015, on UFC Fight Pass at Titan FC 35.

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