Whenever you have over fifty professional mixed martial art fights, you are bound to have some ups and downs. For Pat Healy, it is just that.

Healy, who has been fighting professionally since 2001, has experienced almost all of the avenues in his professional fighting career. Healy talked about his professional MMA career.

“You know, I have had my ups and downs, but I really love fighting,” Healy told The MMA Corner. “I really enjoy what I am doing. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I feel like with my type of athleticism; my best years are yet to come.”

His best years may be yet to come, but Healy got into a slump in his career. Healy joined the UFC full-time in 2011 and it was not his brightest moments as a professional. Healy won his UFC debut, but the fight was overturned by the commission to a no contest because Healy failed a drug test. Healy then went on to lose four fights in a row and it led to the UFC releasing him. Healy talked about his time in the UFC.

“It was, you know, it started out well and did not end well,” said Healy. “The UFC has always treated me great and I have no complaints there. I have some great memories fighting in front of twelve or fifteen thousand people. That is a feeling you cant really imagine.”

The UFC may not have been Healy’s best moments, but since the release, Healy has won three straight fights. Two of his fights were for Titan FC, where he won the lightweight title in his first, and then defended his title in the second. Healy is currently the Titan FC lightweight champion and he talked about what that means to him.

“Just being the top guy in wherever you are fighting is what everyone is striving for,” said Healy. “I certainly want to prove that I am the best fighter in Titan and I am happy to do that by fighting anybody that they have on their roster.”

Healy won his three fights since his UFC release, but his first two were by split decision. Healy turned it up, and showed that his best has yet to come, by finishing Marcus Edwards in the second round by TKO. Healy talked about how it felt to get his first finish since 2012, since his 2013 victory against Jim Miller was overturned.

“Man, it felt great to get a finish,” said Healy. “I have really been working hard to try and make that a big part of my game. It is not very fun to go all the rounds; especially when it is five rounds. That is a tough grind. Five rounds gives me, especially with my style, the chance to finish the fight. I do not see a lot of guys that are able to go five rounds with me.”

Healy was able to win his last fight and also get out of the fight with no injuries. Because of that, Healy is making the quick turnaround from Titan FC 34 and will be fighting again at Titan FC 35, just two months and one day away from each other. Healy talked about why he is making a quick turnaround after defending his title.

“As long as I feel good and as long as my body feels good; I do not see any reason why not to fight right away again,” said Healy. “I was able to come off of my last fight with no injuries. I knew Titan was planning September event and I knew I wanted to get on that. I appreciate them keeping me active.”

Healy will make his quick turnaround at Titan FC 35 against Rick Hawn. Hawn, who is a Bellator veteran, has won his last two fights and is 20-4 as a professional. Healy talked about his opponent, an opponent who will be looking to take his belt, Rick Hawn at Titan FC 35.

“I think Rick Hawn is a really tough guy,” said Healy. “Hawn is as tough as a guy as you could fight outside of the UFC. I think he has a style similar to mine and he recently has some knockout power. It should make for a fun fight and there should be a lot of action. I think I can wear him down and eventually finish him. Yeah, I think I will finish him in, lets say the fourth round.”

If Healy is right and he can get his second straight finish, and fourth straight victory, Healy could be on the fast track to making it back to the UFC. Healy talked about if he would get the call back to the UFC with another victory at Titan FC 35.

“You know, I am trying not to think about it, but I hope so,” said Healy. “I just want to stay focused on having good performances and getting finishes. I am just trying to keep my mind on that stuff and let the rest of it take care of itself.”

Healy may be trying not to think about a UFC return, but for someone who was released by the best fighting organization in the world, a return would be sweet. Healy talked about what a UFC return would mean to him.

“It will mean a lot to me,” said Healy. “I was pretty low in my last loss in the UFC. I did not know if I would ever be able to come back. If I could get right back in, it would be a pretty big accomplishment for me. It would give me a lot of momentum going in there.”

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