Starting out 7-0 in his professional mixed martial arts career, E.J. Brooks was showing that he has promise to become a star in the sport. Since his 7-0 start, Brooks has lost four of his last five fights. Any normal human would be knocked down from such a turnaround, but Brooks is making the most out of the losses and has used them to his advantage. Brooks talk about his mindset and how he has been able to stay positive since his recent slump.

“Well, it is the way I have lost the fights,” Brooks told The MMA Corner. “It was not like I was going out there and getting beat up. There were a lot of unfortunate situations. Half of the fights I should not have taken because of circumstances in my life, so it was not a good time for me to fight, but me being the confident person I am, I felt like I could take a fight in any situation and win because I know how good I was. I found out the hard way that if you do not take a smart fight, it could backfire.”

One of the fights that Brooks lost was to current UFC rising star Johnny Case. Case has been on a tear in the UFC, but when Case took on Brooks, he won by split decision; a decision that was obviously controversial. Brooks talked about that lost to UFC veteran Johnny Case.

“I am not a hater, congratulations to Johnny Case,” said Brooks. It was one of those unfortunate situations. Yes, I beat him; I won that fight. It was an ugly fight, and not making excuses, but I wanted to pull out of that fight. I caught the flu the week before the fight. My manager said I could probably beat him on my worst day and I knew that. I knew I could take him down and control him. That is exactly what I did. Then, I found out it did not matter. After the fight he came up to me and told me he thought I won. His dad came up to me and told me that he thought I won. So, yeah, it is what it is. We found out six or seven months later that his manager helped hire the judges for the fight.”

No matter who you are, losing can really knock you down. Brooks started out undefeated and was rising up in Bellator before he lost to Darrell Horcher. After his first loss, Brooks would go on to lose two more fights in a row, one of those was the Case fight, before finally getting back in the win column. He then lost his most recent fight to get him to 8-4. Brooks mentioned the circumstances in his life and he elaborated on that even more and talked about how his life is different than before.

“Yeah, honestly, I am really positive right now,” said Brooks. “I even put my last fight behind me. As soon as I got home, I already got over it. I have gotten rid of negative people in my life. I have added positive people. I have brought back certain people. I made sure all the people that were around me when I was 7-0 were brought back and the people who made things bad for me; I got rid of them. I feel really happy with my life. There are even certain family members that I do not associate with anymore because all they do is bring me down.”

A group of people who will not bring Brooks down, and who he spoke very highly of, was the organization he currently fights for, Titan FC. Brooks last victory was for Titan at Titan FC 30. Brooks talked about being with Titan once again.

“Titan is awesome,” said Brooks. “I love all those guys. They are really high energy. I am really impressed with how enthusiastic they are about the fight show. They have fun. I fought for Bellator, and that is a big promotion, but they just seemed to be going through the motion. The guys from Titan look like kids because they are having so much fun. They do not look like they are even at work because they are enjoying the atmosphere so much. They have been nothing but nice to me. I really feel like the people at Titan wish me the best and want to take care of me.”

Titan is arguably one of the best places to be outside of the UFC. The last time Brooks fought for Titan, at Titan FC 30, Titan did not have the platform for their fights that they do now. As you may know, or if you live under a rock and missed out, Titan FC now airs their fights on UFC Fight Pass. Brooks will have his next fight at Titan FC 35, on UFC Fight Pass, against Jason Novelli. Brooks, who fought for Bellator before, talked about how his fight at Titan FC 35 against Novelli is the biggest fight of his career.

“This is definitely the biggest fight of my career,” said Brooks. “Even when I was fighting for Bellator, at the time, I was not really showcased. Unfortunately the fight I got knocked out in prevented me from being showcased. This opportunity with Fight Pass, obviously everybody wants to be in the UFC. Titan is going to give me fair fights. I have a four-fight deal with Titan and I am willing to fight all four of these fights.”

Brooks will prepare for his fight at American Top Team, which is where he currently trains. American Top Team is arguably one of the best gyms in the nation to train MMA and Brooks talked about preparing for his fight at ATT.

“Well, I am preparing for it by being here at the best fight camp in the world; American Top Team,” said Brooks. “I train with killers everyday. I have been down here for a while. I have been working on my technique. I train with guys like Dustin Poirier. Guys like Nik Lentz, Will Brooks, and other elite 155lb and 145lb guys. I train with high levels guy on a regular. I spar with Tyron Woodley. I mean, somebody hasn’t hit you until Tyron Woodley has hit you. I hold my own with these guys. I go toe to toe with these guys every single day.”

With Brooks life back to where he wants it to be and his training at ATT; he certainly has the recipe to get back on track. You can look for Brooks to try and get back in the win column on UFC Fight Pass, at Titan FC 35, on Sept. 19, 2015.

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