For many, being a professional athlete in the sport of MMA is a paycheck. The athletes know they are good and the try to capitalize as much as they can to make money. For one athlete, Titan FC’s Trey Ogden martial arts is not about the paycheck and being a professional athlete, but instead, it is about the lifestyle and philosophy that comes with being a martial artists. Ogden talked about the role martial arts plays in his life.

“Martial arts to me, it basically saved my life,” Ogden told The MMA Corner. “I was pretty insecure when I was younger. I was bullied and picked on because I was small. I started doing marital arts for self defense and through martial arts, I gained my philosophy on life. I gained my confidence and physicality. I realize that marital arts has been around forever and it is an amazing vehicle as a way of life for a lot of people. I do not think that focusing on the competition side of it is good because it is short sided. I am a martial artist not an athlete.”

“I started doing martial arts way before I knew MMA existed and I will be doing martial arts way after I am done competing in MMA,” said Ogden. “I have a commitment to truly mastering martial arts and uncovering the best techniques and tactics to win a hand-to-hand fight.”

Ogden is well on his way to mastering the best techniques and tactics to win a hand-to-hand fight because he is currently 2-0 in his profession MMA career. In his two victories, Ogden won both fights in the very first round by submission. Ogden talked about his two quick victories.

“I had my first professional fight in January and it was a quick first round submission and then my second fight was in April, which was another quick first round submission,” said Ogden. “It has been going good. Not too much to talk about since there has been about three total minutes in the cage.”

Every fan loves watching fights that do not go the distance. Ogden has now done that twice in his career with his two submission victories and will be looking to do that once again in his next fight. Ogden talked about his mentality for finishing fights.

“I am known for that mindset,” said Ogden. “I do not like winning on points. I do not like when people are up on points and do not go forward and finish the person. I believe, that in a real fight, it is not over until someone is done. So, there are no decision victories for me.”

Ogden will be looking for yet another finish at Titan FC 35 on September 19, 2015, against Ryan Walker. Walker, who is 4-1, has finished his opponent in three of his four victories. The fight, on paper, looks like it should be once for fans to enjoy. Ogden talked about his fight at Titan FC 35.

“Obviously it is a great opportunity,” said Ogden. “I do not say no to fights and this was the fight I was presented. I put my career in the hands of my manager and I trust him.”

You always hear about the horrible manager stories where someone is promised something they never get, but thankfully, Ogden has set himself in good company. He has put his career in the hands of his manager and his manager has been delivering. Ogden talked about his manager.

“Yeah man, he is awesome,” said Ogden. “Joe Wooster is awesome. We have good energy together. I was running into situations trying to get my first fights so I knew I needed someone. I am an expert on fighting and he is an expert on the business of fighting.”

His manager, Wooster, may be an expert on the business of fighting, but when Ogden is in the cage; he is all business. Ogden will be fighting on UFC Fight Pass, since Titan FC agreed to a deal with Fight Pass, and will be fighting with a lot of other people watching. Ogden talked about fighting on UFC Fight Pass and predicted the outcome of his fight with Ryan Walker at Titan FC 35.

“It is business as normal for me,” said Ogden. “I do not really think about that stuff too much. I say a first round victory.”

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