UFC 191 is a PPV event that every fight fan should buy. That may not mean they will, since for some odd reason any PPV card that current flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has headlined in; it has not had the greatest of ratings.

What is interesting is that it is hard to even consider putting the blame on Johnson, as he has certainly put on a show or two or six. Six would be the number because that is the amount of times the current champion has defended his belt and showed that he is arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Johnson is certainly one of the best fighters in the world and has shown that in his fights. He will have another hard challenge, on in which he already proved was not hard enough, as he will defend his belt against John Dodson for the second time.

Many fans look at Dodson as the only person who actually posses as threat to the current champion. People feel that Dodson can be the one to finally knock him off and become the new champion. Dodson comes into the fight with a very lackluster win over Zack Makovsky. The fight had many wondering if Dodson even deserved the title fight, but the UFC felt that it was enough for him to get the second chance at Johnson.

So, at UFC 191, Johnson will defend his belt against Dodson for the second time. Their first meeting, in 2013, went all five rounds. Johnson ended up winning the fight by unanimous decision to remain the champion.

Here are the keys to victory for Johnson in his second meeting with Dodson at UFC 191.

Stay Composed:

Johnson may be one of the most composed champions in the sports history so you may think this is stupid. However, I think that Johnson may have in the back of his mind that fans have not been interested in his fight and think that he needs to go out there and do something crazy, but fore true MMA fans, he does not need to do that. Johnson needs to stay composed and fight his way. The UFC should be the ones worrying about if no one is watching/buying the fight.

Do Not Let Dodson Get Comfortable:

If Dodson is comfortable in the octagon then Dodson is one scary dude. He may be small, but he packs a damn good punch. Dodson has two Knockout of the Night bonuses, with one of those coming over current UFC champion TJ Dillashaw. Johnson needs t make sure that he does not let Dodson get comfortable and start landing his heavy hands with confidence.

Take Him Down Like The First Fight:

A great way to not let Dodson get comfortable would be to utilize the takedown. The first time these two fought, Johnson took Dodson down five times. If the fight goes to another decision, the takedowns will be very important. Also, Johnson is very good at getting the fight to the ground, as he took Kyoji Horiguchi down fourteen times in his last fight.

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