Sadly, the sport of mixed martial arts is filled with selfish and dark individuals, or people with ulterior motives. While you sit there and think about some of the people or names you know that are bad for the sport, let me throw out a name that should brighten this topic: Lou Giordano.

Giordano is one of the people in the sport of MMA that if you do not know, you should start to, and you wish there were more of people like him. Giordano is not one of those people who sells out and cares about the money, but instead, he cares about the individuals and the sport itself.

Lou is a nutritionist for his own weight managing business, which he calls Lou-Trition. He also owns his own supplement company called Nüe-Trition.

Lou talked about how and why he got into the business of weight managing and why he created his business.

“I grew up in a very typical Italian family,” Giordano told The MMA Corner. “As I got older, I wanted to try and help my family and maybe they would take my serious if I went to school and got educated in the field. When I went to school and got educated, I found out there are a lot more people out there that need help. It sparked this really wanting to help people get healthy from the start.”

“When I started, I have been in this industry for over fifteen years, I always loved the sports science behind exercise and nutrition,” said Giordano. “As I got older, and started working with professional athletes, I started to notice there was a huge gap between professional athletes. I decided to try and create my business off of that.”

One big professional athlete Giordano has been working with is season nineteen of The Ultimate Fighter winner Eddie Gordon. Gordon, who was known for coming into fights on the bigger side because of his drastic weight cuts, came into his most recent fight looking shredded. Why? Because he was no longer cutting weight, he was managing it with Lou Giordano.

“My slogan is ‘we do not cut weight, we manage it,’” said Giordano. “Surprisingly, managing Eddie’s weight was easy. That is what the most frustrating thing for me all these years in this industry is that is much easier than people think. However, there is a science behind it. Science meaning there is a specific time and place as to when you have what calories, how much, and how often you eat. It was easy with Eddie because Eddie gave up. Meaning he just listened to everything I did. He did not eat anything that was not approved by me. The weight just came off very easily. We did not cut one pound.”

This is where Lou Giordano is cementing himself as one of the best people in the sport; managing fighters weight, not cutting it. Weight cutting has been one of the biggest problems in MMA, and in my opinion it is the biggest. You can sit here and argue about PEDs and whatnot, but what is most important is that fighters are actually hurting their bodies by cutting so much weight.

Giordano cares about the health of fighters more than the money you can make by cutting weight; that is why he manages the weight of fighters.

The UFC announced that starting October 1, fighters would no longer be able to rehydrate with an IV after cutting weight. Many fighters and weight specialists were outraged by the news.

Giordano has been one of the more outspoken people on the recent IV ban in the UFC, but instead of being angry like many were, Giordano is all for it.

“I think it is a great thing,” said Giordano. “I was very vocal with a bunch of other interviews that I have done. I know there are a lot of other people who do work with fighters in the industry and they are a fan of the IV. They use it and rely on it. You do not need it. It is a great thing because it will level the playing field. It will force fighters to be 100%. Whether they go up in weight or they find a way to manage their weight and stay where they are.”

Maybe you do not understand what Giordano means by the IV ban forcing fighters to be 100% so he talked more about it.

“Meaning this,” said Giordano. “Most guys, when they are doing a drastic weight cut, their bodies are so dehydrated and drained of nutrients that, yes you get to drink fluids and eat food, but it is a twenty-four hour period. You are not going to be back at 100%. It is like a video game, if your health meter is half way down and they guy you are facing has his full, it is going to be a lot more challenging regardless of how much skill you have.”

Not only will fighters be 100%, but also more importantly for the sport and to Giordano, they will be healthier. The fighters will no longer allow their bodies the risk of long-term injury from extreme weight cutting. Giordano talked about the health problems that associate with cutting weight and relying on the IV to rehydrate.

“On the last Ultimate Fighter, the fighter was water loading,” said Giordano. “He had to be taken away in an ambulance. Luckily, they said he did not have any permanent brain damage. That is a side effect of it. If you beat your body up and dehydrate your body, you can have long-term injuries. Your brain is not going to function properly. It is just not healthy and very dangerous.”

Some big names in MMA are arguing that by banning IV’s, someone would die because of that. Giordano had some interesting comments about people who feel someone will die because of the IV ban.

“I am not going to mention any names, but somebody was very adamant about it, that somebody was going to die if they ban IVs,” said Giordano. “Yes, if they ban IV and you dehydrate yourself, then do not rehydrate yourself, you run the risk of dying. I just feel that is very dramatic when this is your choice, you either move up in weight, you either dehydrate yourself and the risk is death, or you manage your weight so you can make the same weight. There are two good options and one horrible option. Yes, if you keep promote extreme weight cutting, you will see more harm and damage than you would from banning the IV.”

Very interesting comments, but they are comments that make sense. Giordano is trying to get people to understand that extreme weight cutting is horrible for you and that the IV ban will actually help more than it hurts. Giordano also talked about his program a little more and why he is successful in managing weight.

“My favorite quote when guys are asked, what is the key to getting people healthy,” laughed Giordano. “You got to eat organic and eat whole foods they say. Well guess what? Poison ivy is organic and is a whole food. Make a salad with some poison ivy and let me know how you make out. You have to be more realistic than that. That is why my program is different and why my success rate is so high. The programs are tailor-made. That is what makes the difference. If you listen to me, I will change your life. You have my word on that.”

It may be hard to take someone’s word, but with Lou Giordano, he is sincere and is actually trying to help. Giordano is rare because he does not care about the money as much as he cares about helping the actual fighters. Giordano talked about wanting to help people.

“I made a joke the other day,” laughed Giordano. “I said I think I’m going to block my Instagram. I put so much stuff on there that you could follow me and manage your own weight, but that is how I am, man. That is how I am, man; I just want to help people. I do not do what I do for the money. That is why I am so adamant on what I do because guys in this industry; they only do it for money. I am not going to call out anybody, but it is the reality of it. They do not care about the fighters.”

With all that has been happening and with Giordano pretty much becoming the spokesperson for the side that is happy with the IV ban, Giordano talked about his plans going forward.

“My plan is to make as much noise as I can,” said Giordano. “Once I am able to make more noise, I will call people out. At the end of the day it is a fact-stating thing. Is what you do good for people? Yes or no? Answers the question. It is really that simple.”

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