For Jordan Howard, his career did not start exactly how he had it planned in his head. He won his professional debut, but then lost three straight fight to put him at 1-3. Howard knew he needed a change in the way he prepared for the fights so he took some time off and reinvented himself. Howard talked about his career so far and the changes he has made.

“It was a rocky start,” Howard told The MMA Corner. “I was just trying to get by with natural ability and then I started losing fights. I took a layoff and decided that I needed to train full-time. I took MMA as a job not as a hobby. Since then, I have won seven straight fights, and six of them have been finishes. All but one of those finishes has been in the first round.”

Now with Howard taking fighting, as a job and not a hobby, like he said, he has seven straight fights. Six of those victories have been finishes and Howard has looked like a new fighter. Howard credits his training regime for the improved record and finishing ability.

“My training regime is what does that,” said Howard. “There is a lot more that goes into my fight camp now. I started training with a new coach, which has helped a lot.”

It is pretty amazing that Howard started so slow to get to where he has in his career today, Anyone who starts out 1-3 will certainly have time to think about if the dpot of MMA is for them, but for Howard, he never lost hope. Howard talked about grinding through the 1-3 record to get to 8-3.

“I am going to credit that to growing up with martial arts,” said Howard. “We have things like perseverance engrained into our minds, so I attribute that to martial arts at a young age.”

In Howard’s last fight, at Shamrock Promotions showdown, he won the bantamweight belt. Howard talked about winning the belt for Shamrock FC.

“It was surreal,” said Howard. “I was in awe for about forty-eight hours. I am just a normal guy. I work had and for something like that to happen was crazy. It was an amazing feeling.”

Howard is now set to defend his belt at Shamrock FC on September 11 against Danny Aguirre. This is a fight that Howard has been looking forward to because in his last fight, the one for the belt, he had a late opponent change. The late opponent change did not allow Howard to reach his full potential in the cage. Howard is looking forward to defending his belt on September 11.

“I am really looking forward to defending it,” said Howard. “The last fight was not the fight that was supposed to happen. Two days before the fight my opponent got injured. The guy I fought was a completely different build, body type, and a different fighter than I trained for. I am really looking forward to showing my true abilities and to be able to demonstrate my total domination.”

Shamrock FC is a feeder organization to Bellator, and with this win, Howard will get a Bellator contract. Howard talked about if there would be any added nerves with some much on the line in this fight.

“You know, not what most people would think,” said Howard. “I am looking to go in to fight in Bellator, so I want to be fighting top competition. I should be able to beat any guy in Shamrock to be able to fight in Bellator.”

If Howard wins, he will get a Bellator contract, so Howard talked where he see’s himself in the bantamweight division in Bellator.


“I do not know, but I am excited to find out,” said Howard. “I could not really place myself there right now, but I am looking forward to being at the top. I am training hard. I am going to train for a title fight for Bellator. That way, every fight between now and then, it is going to be easier.”

Many people have goals to make it to the UFC, but for Howard, Bellator is where he wants to be. Howard talked about what his goal in Bellator would be.

“Honestly, I would like to be the 135lb champion for Bellator,” said Howard. “To be a world champion in mixed martial arts would be huge.”

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