UFC’s future star Paige ‘12 Gauge’ VanZant just came off a recent stoppage win over Alex Chambers via submission. Which was just another step in the right direction for the 21-year old mixed martial artist in her mission for the 115-pound gold.

She is in no hurry to get there, but VanZant performances speaks louder than her competitors. With a wider fan base than most, if not all current 115-pound fighters, the sky’s the limit for VanZant.

But not so fast. Old promises that remain unfulfilled are haunting the UFC’s rising star. Much revolves around a promise VanZant made about shaving her head for a Cancer Charity back in March of 2015.

While VanZant is tearing through the strawweight division like a woman possessed, not all are pleased with her tactics. According to  story published by Bloody Elbow, A White House Petition has been signed against VanZant.

Apparently, she had changed her mind, shortly after making that statement.

In response to the negativity, VanZant said via Twitter, “I’ve had a lot of negativity from the head-shaving idea, so maybe I’ll rethink it and try to think of something else I can do to give back. Maybe I’ll donate money because it’s an amazing cause.”

According to the petition, many are unsatisfied with VanZant’s tactics, but also the image she portrays for the UFC. “We cannot allow her to recant like this,” the petition stated. “We must force her to shave her head and give the community what she promised she would give. It not only makes women look bad, but it also makes the UFC, Dana White and ZUFFA look bad.”

While many question the legitimacy of the petition, it’s the concept of following through on a promise that have many uneasy.

To date, the petition has an underwhelming 126 signatures. It would need more than 99,000 more to pass by Oct. 6, 2015, to pass.

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Christian Larusson is a passionate Mixed Martial Arts fan. With experience in writing for Swedish MMA sites, he now solely writes in English through blogging, PunchDrunkSports and The MMA Corner. Got his heart broken early in his life when a friend, ‘Judas’, told him that WWE/WWF wasn’t real. Then one day, he saw MMA on a friend's computer, he was overwhelmed with emotions from what his eyes had just seen. He´s been in love ever since. Christian has been published in different Swedish papers and books, nothing to do with MMA though, so who gives a shh-.

  • JollyFatGuy

    Oh please. VanZant’s critics are women who wished they looked like her and men who know they could never have her. That’s it.

    • Christian Larusson

      Are you saying this is clearly a case of.. https://youtu.be/nfWlot6h_JM?t=45 ?

    • Pilg0re

      B plz…. she’s a 7 at best. But I guess every girl is a 10 to a fat guy.

      • john

        let me guess you think ronda is hot?

      • JollyFatGuy

        Says the guy who probably weighs twice what I do and needs to talk sh*t online to salve his low self-esteem.

        • Pao Vang

          Exactly. Pilg0re is probably a 400 pound ogre that still lives at home with his mommy and hates women like Van Zant because all he can do is jerk off to his pathetic little fantasies of them. He’s such a chickenheart you can’t even check out his profile because he’s afraid of being trolled. I guess he can dish it but can’t take it.