For Jason Novelli, mixed marital arts is something that makes him happy. If you asked him to work a 9-5 job or get locked in a cage in a cage every couple of months with a chance to get punched hard in the face; he would ask you where he needed to be for the fight. Novelli talked about his life as a professional mixed martial artist

“I love being in the gym and learning,” said Novelli. “I like getting better at things and trying to perfect everything. I was working a job where it just slowly drags you to become a miserable person. I found something that gets me excited. I am happy to wake up in the day. Everyone should be able to do that.”

Everyone dreams of being able to wake up, go to work, and be happy doing it. For Novelli, it is just that by being a professional mixed martial artist. Novelli should have a lot to be happy about anyways because he is currently 7-1 in his career.

At 7-1, Novelli has made the decision to sign with arguably one of the best organizations outside of the UFC, Titan FC. Novelli talked about his decision to sign with Titan FC.

“I got the phone call and I was working trying to make money,” said Novelli. “I have a buddy, Pat Healy, who I train with. He is the current champ there and he had nothing but good things to say about Titan. It was a pretty easy choice. I am really excited. I will be on UFC Fight Pass live and that is a big reason I jumped at the chance.”

Novelli may be excited, but he is not getting too emotionally invested in the fight itself. The fight at Titan FC 35, which is against EJ Brooks, will be on UFC Fight Pass. Novelli talked about how he feels about the biggest fight of his career on UFC Fight Pass.

“I am not too emotional,” said Novelli. “Every fight to me is the most important. I am insanely excited to do it. I have been feeling, for quite a while, that every fight is your most important fight.”

Other than knowing Novelli will be enjoying his time in the office, another fact about Novelli is that he trains at Rose City FC. He talked about his teammate, current Titan FC lightweight champion Pat Healy, who also trains at Rose City FC, but Novelli also talked about raining at Rose City FC itself.

“Rose City is the best gym in the Northwest,” said Novelli. “It is full of an insane amount of guys, and what is crazy; most of the guys are 55, 70, or below. All of those guys together in the room, all close in size; everyone is just getting better everyday. It is a beautiful place to be working out.”

Rose City FC will be well represented at Titan FC 35, as six of their team members will be fighting on the card. With all of the teammate training for the same fight, you have to think that it helps a lot. Novelli talked about how six of the Rose City FC fighters will be going to war at Titan FC 35 and also talked about any fun bets the guys have leading up to the fight.

“We have six guys competing for Titan FC in our gym,” said Novelli. “We are all working hard and feeding off of each other. We are all trying to sell the most tickets. That is just how it goes. I have been trying to get another bet on who will get the best finish. I am more concerned about that one.”

We will find out who sells the most tickets soon, as Titan FC 35 is on September 19, 2015, however, we will need to wait to find out who get the best finish on fight night. With six Rose City FC members on the card, it may be hard to bet on who will have the best finish, but not for Novelli.

“Well, I got my money on me,” laughed Novelli.

You can watch all six of the Rose City FC team members and Novelli himself try to have the best finish of the night on UFC Fight Pass at Titan FC 35 on September 19.

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