Everyone does mixed martial arts for different reasons. It is one of those things that no matter who you are, where you are at in your life, or what you need it for, it can help you in multiple ways. For Ozzie Alvarez, mixed martial arts will forever play an important role in his life.

Alvarez started out his professional mixed martial arts career a little shaky. He decided to not do any amateur fights and just turn pro right away. It may have been the wrong decision because Alvarez would lose his professional debut by split decision. However, you may think that could be attributed to it being his first fight ever, but Alvarez was also going through his own problems outside of the cage.

“I lost my first fight by split decision,” Alvarez told The MMA Corner. “I was fighting someone more experienced and I spent the night in jail the day before weigh-ins. I just was not ready for the fight.”

Spent the night in jail the day before weigh-ins? Yes. Alvarez was very open about his situation leading up to his first professional fight. He talked more about the arrest before his first fight in his career.

“I had a warrant out for my arrest,” said Alvarez. “It was just me being irresponsible. I was driving with a suspended license and never took care of the ticket, never showed up at court, so I ended up getting the warrant issued. I got arrested the day before weigh-ins and spent the whole day there. I still went on with the fight and lost by split decision. It was a learning experience. It was a reality check that made me realize I need get my things together outside of the cage.”

It was surely a learning experience for Alvarez and it showed in his next fight. He went on to win his second fight of his career by knockout in twenty-six seconds. However, Alvarez once again found out he was in for another learning experience. After his dominant victory, he took a fight on short notice. He did so because after his loss he felt like he would never lose again. He found out the hard way that MMA is a sport that has its ups and downs.

“I came off of that loss and in my next fight and got a twenty-six second knockout,” said Alvarez. “I thought I was unstoppable at that point. I decided to take my next fight on four weeks notice and did not really understand what a fight camp entailed. I was still learning and learning a lot. I ended up losing that fight with about twenty seconds left. I got knocked out with twenty seconds left. I felt like I had that fight won and then got caught. That was a tough one, but it made me realize some stuff. They say you learn more from a loss than a win and I believe that is true. I found out I was not invincible. I found out that things were not always going to work, but I actually had to put in the hard work.”

Mixed martial arts started to teach Alvarez a lot. He has been through a lot in a short period of time in his career. MMA has helped him get through his toughest times to get to his best. Not only has MMA been helping him in life, but also throughout learning in the sport, Alvarez is starting to become a name you need to know.

Alvarez signed on to fight at Combate Americas – Road To The Championship, but not only did he sign to fight on the card, he is the main event of the evening. He went from spending the night in jail before his first professional fight to being a main event that airs on NBC Universo.

“I have learned a lot from all of this,” said Alvarez. “I have not lost since that fight and I have been learning and getting that martial arts discipline. It has really been a good journey for me. MMA has put some perspective in my life. It has brought so much discipline in my life. I have found a great woman and married her. We have a daughter now, so I am doing the family man thing. It is giving me a perspective on what is important in life. So far, I feel like I have grown from every fight. I just continue to try and better myself.”

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