Is there anyone out there who dreads his or her day job?

That is something that many people experience, but for Peter Petties, mixed martial arts has provided him with a career he loves.

At 2-0, and just getting started, Petties is starting to show that the career he loves is one he should stick with. Petties is young and is driven in the sport, which is huge if you want to be successful in it. Petties talked about his career that he loves, mixed martial arts.

“I get to wake up and enjoy what I am doing,” Petties told The MMA Corner. “Some people wake up and dread going to their job, but for me, I enjoy waking up for practice. The daily grind excites me. I am always learning and it is a fulfilling career.”

Petties wakes up a little more excited because he recently made a huge career move. If someone that works a normal 9-5 gets excited to get promoted, Petties signing with Titan FC is pretty much the same as getting promoted. Petties was excited and he talked about his decision.

“It was a no brainer,” said Petties. “Honestly, it is still a little surreal. My manager, Bryan Butler is the best in the game. It has been a long time coming. When I got into MMA, I knew it was something I was going to go all in on. It is one of those things I have dedicated my whole life to. I am ready to steal the show at Titan FC 35.”

Titan FC 35 will be aired on UFC Fight Pass and is easily the biggest fight of Petties career. His promotion to one of the best organizations outside of the UFC is one that could come with some nerves, but not for Petties. He talked about his big fight at Titan FC 35 on UFC Fight Pass.

“It is just another day in the office,” said Petties. “The big thing is that it is a little surreal. Once they lock the cage, it is just another day in practice. If anything, this will be easier than practice. All you have to do is fight then. I am ready.”

Petties office is the cage and it seems that a lot of people do not like the share that office with him. Petties has had some trouble getting fights to stick because fighters have pulled out. His original opponent at Titan FC 35 already pulled out, but Titan got him a replacement. Usually fighters get angry when a fighter pulls out of a fight, but for Petties, he respects their decision not to fight him. Petties talked about himself inside “his office.”

“Honestly, I am probably the nicest guy you will ever meet,” laughed Petties. “You hear my voice, and you know, I am intimidating until I open my mouth. I am the nicest guy outside of the cage, but in the cage, it is a total 180. Anyone that does not sign on the line, I am happy for them. In the cage, I am trying to hurt you. I have had a lot of fights canceled and I can’t be mad. I would not want to fight me right now.”

Petties may think he would not want to fight himself right now, but someone does, his opponent at Titan FC 35, Ikaika Tampos. Tampos is also undefeated like Petties and is looking to steal the show at Titan FC 35. Petties talked about his matchup at Titan FC 35.

“He is 3-0,” said Petties. “He has three submissions, and from what I have seen, his stand up is not too bad. He will probably be looking for an early submission and take the fight to the ground. I am looking to keep my feet moving and have some fun. Honestly, I do not know what he is doing. I do not know if he knows what he signed on to do, but either way, it is going to be fun. I have been training and I am ready to fight.”

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