On Saturday, Sept. 19, Titan Fighting Championship visited Ridgefield, Wash., to bring Titan FC 35 to the Clark County Fairgrounds Event Center.

Originally, the event was slated to have three title fights. However, lightweight champion and former UFC fighter, Pat Healy, missed weight by three pounds. Titan stripped him of his title, but it is still possible for his opponent Rick Hawn to win the lightweight belt with a victory.

In the main event, Pat Healy (32-20 MMA, 2-0 Titan) looked to continue his three-fight win streak although he was stripped of his title prior to the fight. His opponent was Rick Hawn (20-4 MMA, 1-0 Titan), a former Olympic judoka who recently told The MMA Corner’s Jeremy Klump that this may have been his last MMA fight, win or lose.

In the co-main event, undefeated featherweight champion, Andre Harrison, (10-0 MMA, 3-0 Titan) looked to defend his belt against former Bellator fighter, Desmond Green (15-4 MMA, 3-1 Titan).

In the third title fight of the night, former UFC flyweight contender and current Titan FC flyweight champion Tim Elliot (11-6-1 MMA, 1-0 Titan) attempted to defend his belt for the first time against Felipe Efrain (9-1 MMA) in the Brazilian’s Titan FC debut.

The rest of the eleven-fight card featured former UFC fighters Steven Siler, who took on Austin Springer, and Alex Soto, who faced Ricky Simon.

Main Card Summary

Pat Healy vs. Rick Hawn

Hawn backs up Healy early and lands a pair of great leg kicks. Hawn trips healy as he comes forward but does not follow him to the ground. Left lands for Hawn. Healy looks stiff early. Another leg kick for Hawn and the fighters trade left hooks. Both fighters are getting in close and landing hooks. Healy gets a thai clinch and dirty boxes but Hawn separates. Healy lands a nice left hook, then Hawn pushes forward for a takedown that does not come to fruition. Healy pushing forward in response throwing many punches in the direction of Hawn and the round ends with Healy pressuring Hawn

The fighters paw at each other a bit to kick off round two. Then a Thai clinch is initiated by Healy but Hawn lands uppercuts about a minute in. A big leg kick lands for Hawn followed by a left hand. Healy shoots for a single and is stuffed. Hawn lands a trip after trading some strikes but again does not follow Healy to the ground. Hawn gets another clinch and lands a trip against the cage but Healy stands up shortly after. Hawn lands a big right hand. Healy responds with a knee to the body. A couple of jabs land for Hawn and Healy tries to chase down the Olympian but is not fast enough. Hawn lands another right and Healy just can not get close enough aside from a late left hand and time runs out in the second round.

Early uppercut lands for Hawn followed by a right then a trip. Healy stands up and keeps getting hit by Hawn’s right hands. Healy still unable to establish range. Left lands for Hawn but Healy is able to get inside and land an uppercut. Healy lands a huge takedown against the cage and gets half guard with two minutes remaining. Constant punches from Healy as his half guard pass fails. Healy stays in half guard for the remaider of the round.

Kick lands low for Healy to start round four. As action resumes Hawn lands a trip but is unable to finish it and Healy separates. Backfist lands for Hawn as Healy whiffs on a takedown attempt. Left hand followed by a right by hawn. Healy shoots for a takedown and is unable to get it. Another right for hawn answered by a Healy left. Hawn pushes Healy up against the cage. Clinch breaks with neither fighter making any progress. Sloppy striking leads to a takedown attempt by Pat Healy that Hawn is able to stuff, the round ends shortly after

Quick clinch and separation to start the final round, the fighters separate and miss strikes then clinch again. Healy utilizes dirty boxing then is caught by a Hawn right hand. Hawn lands another big right, then a combination. Right straight lands for Healy. Clinch initiaed by Healy, then a body knee. More dirty boxing from Healy, Hawn tries to trip Bam-Bam but is unable to follow up leading to a clinch against the fence. Healy separates and dirty boxes some more. Hawn tries a trip and fails and Healy ends up on top temporariliy until Hawn stands up. Healy lands another takedown shortly after and takes the back of Hawn landing ground and pound as time expires. Rick Hawn def. Pat Healy by Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46) – For Vacant Titan FC Lightweight Title

Andre Harrison vs. Desmond Green – For Titan FC Featherweight Title

Both fighters come out pawing in the center of the hexagon. Harrison lands a huge right that drops Green not even a minute into the championship fight and tries a guillotine that fails. Harrison keeps the pressure on, throwing a head kick then a right hand. Green seems to have recovered, throwing strikes of his own, then landing a double-leg takedown in the center of the hexagon. Ref stands them up after inactivity from Green. Harrison lands a throw then Green quickly stands up and gets a takedown of his own, but Harrison is able to stand with green on his back. Harrison breaks free and lands another right. Fighters clinch up and a knee lands for green. Both fighters trade some kicks then the first round ends.

Fighters come out pawing again. Harrison lands a combo then a leg kick. More pawing then a leg kick by Harrison. A couple jabs cause Green to trip, then a nice body kick lands for Harrison. Spinning back kick attempt by Harrison fails and Green is able to land a takedown but Harrison stands up quickly. The fighters clinch up against the cage trading knees with Green pinning Harrison against the fence. Leg kick drops Green temporarily but he gets back up quickly. Another big leg kick lands for Harrison then a body kick. Green charges for a clinch then lands a takedown as the round ends.

Round three begins with more pawing then a leg kick by Harrison. A left hand lands for Green. Soon after, Harrison comes up short on a combination and gets taken down by Green. Green is unable to get much going from top position and the ref stands them up. A high kick attempt by Harrison is deflected, then a leg kick lands for the champion. Left hook lands for Harrison, then Green lands a nice jab. Harrison shoots for a takedown and gets it as the round ends

Harrison comes out with some damage on his face, specifically a bad cut under the right eye. A Harrison body kick stuns Green momentarily. Harrison tries to go to the body again with a kick, but Green is unaffected. Harrison lands a takedown and takes the back of Green but Green is able to stand with Harrison on his back. Ref separates them shortly after. More leg kicks land for Harrison. Both fighters swing at air for about a minute and a half until Harrison lands a big right hand. More pawing afterwards, then Green shoots and is stuffed by Harrison. Green lands some knees against the cage but Harrison lands a takedown afterwards.

The final round starts like the rest have, with the fighters pawing in the center of the hexagon. Harrison lands a 1-2. Harrison tries to put some pressure on. Green shoots and lands a takedown. He tries to pass and Harrison uses the opportunity to stand up. Harrison starting to land right hands consistently, then a left hand by Harrison over the top. Green shoots and gets stuffed now with ninety seconds remaining in the championship bout. Harrison works hard for a single leg but Green does not go down. Harrison throws a headkick that’s blocked and the fight reaches twenty-five minutes. Andre Harrison def. Desmond Green by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) – For Titan FC Featherweight Title

Tim Elliot vs. Felipe Efrain – For Titan FC Flyweight Title

Elliot lands three lefts early using his patented funky footwork, and gets a double-leg takedown. Efrain tries some armbars that amount to nothing. Efrain stands up and gets hammerfisted by Elliot on the way up. Efrain lands a body kick and stuffs a takedown attempt from Elliot. Elliot tries again and lands it. Elliot attempts a leg submission that does not come through. Shortly after, Efrain tries a d’arce choke and Elliot counters with a straight armbar that gets them to stand. On the way up Elliot lands a questionable knee that goes unnoticed. Fighters trade strikes with Elliot landing a knee to the body. Efrain stuffs a takedown and lands a left undercut. Efrain tries to pressure Elliot but his headmovement is too good. The round ends with Efrain landing a punch shortly after the bell.

Both fighters engage immediately in round 2. Elliot shoots and gets a takedown but Efrain gets right back up and is greeted by an Elliot knee to the body. The fighters clinch up against the cage, Elliot gains double-underhooks and lands a takedown. Elliot passes, but Efrain is able to retain guard. Efrain shoots for an armbar but Elliot stuffs it. Efrain is able to stand shortly after. Elliot catches a kick and gets a takedown and lands in side control. Efrain rolls over and Elliot takes advantage by attempting a guillotine whilst pinning the arm of Efrain. Felipe is forced to tap with his free hand and Elliot defends his belt for the first time. Tim Elliot def. Felipe Efrain by Submission (Guillotine) Round 2 (2:30) – For Titan FC Flyweight Title

Steven Siler vs. Austin Springer

Fighters trading shots right out the gate Springer lands a low-blow that goes unnoticed. Springer shoots but Siler uses a ninja choke to counter it and gets the quick tap. Steven Siler def. Austin Springer by Submission (One-armed Guillotine) Round 1 (1:04)

Zane Kamaka vs. Belal Muhammad

Kamaka strikes first but Muhammad lands a nice body kick. Both fighters circling with Kamaka in the center. Kamaka thows a kick that’s caught. Muhammad lands a nice overhand right. Jab by Kamaka snaps the head of Muhammad back. Fighters trading big shots. Muhammad shoots and is stuffed. Two-punch combo lands for Muhammad, then a body kick answered by a body kick of Kamaka. Muhammad lands kicks to end the round.

Both fighter throwing strikes that are not getting through. Leg kicks landing for Kamaka. Huge right hand for Muhammad. Fighters trade kicks, then another right hand over the top for Muhammad that’s answered with a right by kamaka. Body kick by Muhamad. Leg kicks for Muhammad then an uppercut left combo, then a head kick. Late takedown for Muhammad then  the round ends.

Kamaka comes out throwing hard, but Muhammad lands another overhand right. Great combo by Muhammad after a minute goes by. Uppercut for Muhammad and he’s pushing the pace, another overhand lands, and another overhand. Muhammad shoots for a takedown and is stuffed, but now has Kamaka pinned against the cage. Fighters separate, with leg kicks landing consistently for Muhammad. Combination lands for Muhammad and a head kick. Kamaka lands a big left but Muhammad stays out of range, then lands a spinning back fist to end the fight. Belal Muhammad def. Zane Kamaka by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Ricky Simon vs. Alex Soto

Fighters come out and trade leg kicks, Soto lands a big right cross signifying the first big strike of the fight. Soto catches a leg kick and lands a right hand. Simon responds quickly and rocks Soto with a right, picks him up and throws him to the floor. Simon pounces and lands ground and pound from the back of Soto. Soto survives and stands and Simon punishes him a bit against the cage with dirty boxing. After they seperate, Simon lands a huge right straight that drops Soto and Simon is pounding away. Simon takes back of Soto, but Soto fights off the choke attempts and stands up. Both fighters exchange some strikes, with big leg kick and body shot amidst that by Simon. Simon landing heavy leg kicks at will, one takes Soto off his feet and Simon pounces again but the round ends.

Simon with an early single-leg and goes for a guillotine that he could not get. Soto stands and it’s back to the center of the hexagon. Another takedown for Simon and he lands in guard. Soto is able to stand shortly after. Soto lands a right and shoots for a takedown that Simon stuffs. Back to the center and Soto lands a nice left. Soto swings away but Simon showing great head movement. Simon shoots and is stuffed. Simon shoots again stuffed again but lands a spinning back elbow. Soto is able to land some strikes against the cage and back to the center they go. Simon stalks down Soto, lands a strike and gets a late takedown. The second round ends shortly after.

Simon throws early head kicks, Soto tries to respond with a jumping knee that lands low. After the resume in action, fighters are exchanging strikes, Soto lands a counter-punch and throws a flying knee. Soto then shoots for a takedown and is thrown aside by Simon. Simon gets a takedown and lands in Soto’s guard with half the round left. Soto passes with two minutes remaining and is now in half guard. Soto sweeps out and stands. Simon pins Soto up against the fence and gets a takedown. Simon now on top with Soto sitting against the cage. Soto stands and is throwing leather. Soto pursues Simon, stuffs a takedown. Soto tries a spinning backfist and gets taken down to end the fight. Ricky Simon def. Alex Soto by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)


Main Card
Rick Hawn def. Pat Healy by Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46) – For Vacant Titan FC Lightweight Title
Andre Harrison def. Desmond Green by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) – For Titan FC Featherweight Title
Tim Elliot def. Felipe Efrain by Submission (Guillotine) Round 2 (2:30) – For Titan FC Flyweight Title
Steven Siler def. Austin Springer by Submission (One-armed Guillotine) Round 1 (1:04)
Belal Muhammad def. Zane Kamaka by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Ricky Simon def. Alex Soto by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Preliminary Card
Jason Knight def. Rusam Khamanaev by Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 2 (3:06)
Jason Novelli def. EJ Brooks by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Sid Bice def. Shaine Jaime by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Zak Bucia def. Rasul Shovhalov by Submission (RNC) Round 2 (2:10)
Peter Petties def. Jacob Tampos by KO (Spinning Backfist) Round 1 (2:51)

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