Everyone has their own unique story on how they started out in MMA and Bobby Voelker has just that.

To set the scene, think about the movie Warrior where the main character does fights at bars just to pick up some extra money to support his family.

For Voelker, it may not have been to pick up extra money, instead, it was because he just loved to fight. Voelker talked about how he started in the sport of mixed martial arts.

“I started out doing fights in a bar,” Voelker told The MMA Corner. “I had to travel out of state just to do fights at a bar. I was not making any money and was just signing a waiver and going out.”

Voelker’s career started out outside of a bar fighting, which is insane. To make it even more insane, Voelker talked more about the fights he did outside of the bar to start his career.

“MMA was not legal here so we had to travel to Omaha Nebraska,” said Voelker. “It was a bar with a ring set up in the middle. We went there on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and you just sign your name on a waiver. You wait for your name to be called and that is that. There were no weight classes so you fight whomever you agree to fight with. I ended up fighting some guy that was twenty, or twenty-five, pounds heavier than me. I got in there and he busted both of his hands on my head. The second round I kind of took over and he wouldn’t answer the bell. I kind of won because he broke his hands on my head. It is a pretty good story.”

Voelker it right, it is a pretty good story. It was not like Voelker was making big money doing this shows, but instead, he was doing it for the love of the sport. Voelker talked more about his relationship with the sport of MMA.

“I do not do this for a profession,” said Voelker. “It has been a love my entire life. I do not call it a job. To me it is a passion. I mean, it is something I love to do. It keeps me in great shape. It keeps me healthy, believe it or not, and it is just a great part of my life.”

Not only does Voelker love the sport of MMA, but also, he is very good at it. Voelker stands at 26-12 in his professional career and went 4-1 in Strikeforce. After his 4-1 stint in Strikeforce, Voelker got the UFC call and fought there four times before he was released. Those four fights may have been the lowest point for Voelker in his career, as he lost all four of the fights. One of the losses was to current UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. Voelker talked about his time in the UFC.

“It was great,” said Voelker. “They treated me great. I trained hard for those fights. I went in with a different mindset. I did not go in with my same killer instinct. I thought since I was at the top level, you know, maybe I need to think things out more. I forgot what got me there. So now I am just trying to get back to my old ways.”

Voelker is surely getting back to his own ways. He has won his first two fights since his UFC release. Voelker talked about the mentality he has had to be able to bounce back from such a low point in his career.

“It is really just a mental struggle with yourself,” said Voelker. “You truly are your worst enemy. I just tried to not be my worst enemy and tried to be my best friend. I got back to how I was in my older fights. I got my mind right. It got me back on the right path and I got those victories. I am going to stay on that path for a long time.”

Voelker’s path eh plans to stay on must mean he plans to keep knocking people out. He two wins since the UFC release have both been by TKO, which has got his total KO/TKO victories to seventeen out of his twenty-six wins. Voelker talked about his finishing ability.

“I enjoy knocking people out,” said Voelker. “That is more of a victory for me. Now, if I get the submission, I am not sad about that either. I just do not like going to decisions. I try to finish the fights. 17 KO’s, and I love it; I plan on adding more to it.”

Voelker plans to add to his total and he has an opportunity to do so tonight against Mike Estus at Shamrock FC Clash. Voelker talked about his fight against Mike Estus

“I want to get in there and get going,” said Voelker. “I want to have fun in there. I want to make him taste my fists and feet. I want to put the fight I want it. I just plan on owning the fight.”

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