On Friday, October 16, Legacy Fighting Championship will land in the Center Stage of Atlanta, Ga. to bring their fans Legacy FC 47: Harvison vs. Rinaldi.

The card is headlined by a middleweight bout between UFC veteran Clay “Heavy Metal” Harvision (13-5 MMA, 1-0 LFC) and Jordan “All Day” Rinaldi (10-4 MMA). Harvison is riding a four-fight win streak, while Rinaldi has won three straight bouts.

Harvison, an Ultimate Fighter veteran, was released from the UFC after a 1-2 stint back in 2011. Since then, he has gone 4-1, including wins in Bellator and Legacy. Harvison is a fan-friendly fighter, as he is all aggression once the bell sounds. All but three of his fights have ended via stoppage.

Rinaldi is on a roll after a short stint in which he lost four of five fights. Rinaldi’s current win streak featured an incredibly impressive inverted triangle keylock submission victory at WSOF 17. He holds a victory over current UFC featherweight contender Dennis Bermudez on his resume. Rinaldi has also fought current UFC fighters James Moontarsi and Brian Ortega in his career.


Clay Harvison vs. Jordan Rinaldi

Rinaldi opened up with kicks, three to the leg and one to the head. He then shot for a takedown and was successful. Rinaldi took the back of Harvison while he was trying to stand up. Rinaldi had both hooks in and Harvison could not make any progress. Harvison nearly broke free but Rinaldi still held position. The round ended with Rinaldi on Harvison’s back.

Round 2 began with more kicks by Rinaldi. Harvison was able to land an overhand right. The fighters traded more kicks. Harvison charged in for a clinch but Rinaldi bucked him off. Then Rinaldi shot for a takedown and was successful. Rinaldi was able to take the back of Harvison again. Harvison was nearly able to spin out but Rinaldi did a great job sticking to his opponent. Rinaldi secured full mount, Harvison tried to push off and stand but Rinaldi secured the rear naked choke on his standing opponent, then pulled him down for the stoppage. Jordan Rinaldi def. Clay Harvison by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 2 (4:31)

Dave Vitkay vs. Wesley Barnes 

Barnes opened up the fight with a clinch. Vitkay reversed position along the cage then was taken down by Barnes. Vitkay stood up and got a takedown of his own but Barnes bounced right back up into the clinch. Vitkay slammed Barnes again but Barnes quickly reversed position, taking the back of Vitkay. Vitkay spun out and stood up then slammed Barnes again. Barnes stood up quickly yet again and the fighter got back in the clinch. The fighters exchanged punches in the single collar tie to end the round.

The fighters clinched again to open up the round. Vitkay attempted to secure a guillotine when the fighters hit the canvas but was unsuccessful. Barnes stood up and Vitkay followed, slamming his opponent again. Vitkay was able to hold him down this time around. Barnes appeared injured from bottom position. Vitkay had several unsuccessful guard passes and Barnes reversed him into mount. Vitkay rolled exposing his back then was able to secure top position with thirty seconds left in the round. The round ended with Vitkay on top. The doctor stopped the fight in between rounds due to an apparent rib injury. Dave Vitkay def. Wesley Barnes by TKO (Injury) in Round 2 (5:00)

Brantley Furr vs. CJ Hamilton

Hamilton opened up with a leg kick and Furr responded with a big right hand. Furr caught Hamilton and dropped him temporarily. Hamilton bounced up and clinched Furr against the cage. The fighters remained here for over two minutes while Hamilton landed knees. Furr broke away and caught Hamilton with another right hand. Hamilton then shot in with a double and was successful and landed in open guard for a bit until the ref stood them up. After an exchange, Hamilton secured another takedown and ended the round in half guard.

Hamilton opened up Round 2 with an uppercut, then secured a muay thai clinch and landed several knees that dropped Furr for the stoppage. CJ Hamilton def. Bradley Furr by TKO (Knees) in Round 2 (0:20)

Josh Blyden vs. Nick Sprayberry

Blyden opened with a body kick that was caught and Sprayberry got the takedown. Blyden attempted to stand up from side control but Sprayberry secured a headlock that stopped him. Blyden rolled and exposed his back. Blyden was able to stand and reverse position, but Sprayberry stopped him with a leg lock. Blyden was having trouble getting anything going from top position due to the leg lock. Sprayberry attempted a leg lock and used it to stand up and clinch Blyden along the cage. Sprayberry lifted up Blyden and Blyden secured the guillotine and was able to hold onto it after the slam and get the tap. Josh Blyden def. Nick Sprayberry by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1 (4:26)

Doug Usher vs. Jamie Pickett

Usher came out aggressive and Pickett responded immediately with a takedown. Usher attempted an armbar from the guard and the fighters stayed in a neutral spot for a bit until Pickett broke free. Pickett remained in the guard of Usher after a short scramble, and landed some ground and pound. Pickett then passed guard and Usher responded by rolling. Pickett achieved a front headlock position but Usher was able to stand and get a takedown of his own. Pickett pushed his opponent off and then chased him down to complete a takedown. Usher rolled and Pickett took his back then full mount. Usher escaped mount and Pickett ended the round in side control.

Pickett immediately shot for a takedown to start round 2 but Usher defended well. The fighters traded punches and Usher was dropped with a long right straight. Pickett was unable to punch his way to victory from top position and Usher reversed ending up on top. Pickett stood up and threw a combination that wobbled Usher. After a head kick and a right hand that dropped Usher the fight was stopped. Jamie Pickett def. Doug Usher by TKO (Punches) in Round 2 (2:32)

Chazz Walton vs. Josh Millwood 

Millwood opened with a thai clinch and knees, Walton answered with several heavy punches. Walton threw Millwood to the floor right into mount. Millwood rolled to give up his back, Walton secured the body triangle and the rear naked choke to get the early tap. Millwood looked injured afterwards. Chazz Walton def. Josh Millwood by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1 (1:08)

Jared Gooden vs. Brad Taylor 

Taylor opened up with several leg kicks and a combination. Taylor threw two body kicks and Gooden caught the second and threw Taylor to the floor. Gooden passed guard and landed some good ground and pound. Taylor rolled and gave up his back and attempted a rear naked choke. Taylor escaped but Gooden still had his back and landed more punches. Taylor rolled again but Gooden didn’t budge and landed more ground and pound. Taylor rolled and Gooden attempted an armbar but could not secure it. Taylor ends the round in Gooden’s guard landing punches.

Taylor opened round 2 with an attempted double leg takedown that brought both fighters to the cage. The fighters stayed pressed up against the cage for over a minute until Taylor dragged his opponent to the canvas. Gooden attempted to wall walk and was eventually successful. Gooden then turned and took down Taylor against the cage landing moderate ground and pound. Gooden decided to attempt a guillotine that was unsuccessful. Taylor was able to get a takedown of his own but again Gooden was able to stand up. Taylor attempted a takedown late in the round but Gooden was able to sprawl to end the round.

After several punches to open the round, Gooden landed a single-leg takedown. Shortly after Gooden attempted an armbar that was squashed and Taylor ended up in top position. Gooden responded with a kimura from guard and used it to reverse into mount. From mount, Gooden attempted another armbar and this time got the tap. Jared Gooden def. Brad Taylor by Submission (Armbar) in Round 3 (2:01)


Jordan Rinaldi def. Clay Harvison by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 2 (4:31)
Dave Vitkay def. Wesley Barnes by TKO (Injury) in Round 2 (5:00)
CJ Hamilton def. Bradley Furr by TKO (Knees) in Round 2 (0:20)
Josh Blyden def. Nick Sprayberry by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1 (4:26)
Jamie Pickett def. Doug Usher by TKO (Punches) in Round 2 (2:32)
Chazz Walton def. Josh Millwood by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1 (1:08)
Jared Gooden def. Brad Taylor by Submission (Armbar) in Round 3 (2:01)

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