On every UFC card, there are the marquee bouts that everyone looks forward to. The fights between the big-named, highly-ranked fighters garner the most anticipation, and these fights are typically placed either in the main event or co-main event.  Look deeper into cards and you will find fighters on the undercard that are bound to put on a show, but are not getting any attention. Here at The MMA Corner, we will break down which fight will be great in spite of the lack of anticipation.

UFC Fight Night 76, taking place Saturday, Oct. 24, is headlined by an incredible fight between veteran Dustin Poirier and rising star “Irish” Joe Duffy. In addition to the great main event, the Dublin fans should be prepared for a great matchup on the undercard that has failed to garner interest between Neil Seery and Jon Delos Reyes.

Neil Seery (15-11 MMA, 2-2 UFC) is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC flyweight division. He has a non-stop aggressive boxing style that always pleases fans. He is a combination striker with a heavy right hand but he does have issues with wrestling. In his two UFC losses, Seery was taken down a total of ten times. Those losses came against high-level competition, Brad Pickett and Louis Smolka. Whenever Seery has a partner that is willing to trade, the fight is definitely in Seery’s favor. In his wins, he outstruck his opponents 169-113. Jon Delos Reyes should be one to tango with Seery’s striking.

Delos Reyes (8-4 MMA, 1-2 UFC) is the embodiment of the flyweight division. Everything he does is fast-paced and high-intensity. When he hits the ground, he is constantly scrambling for submission attempts. He dropped his first two UFC appearances against Dustin Kimura and former title challenger Kyoji Horiguchi, but he was able to prove his worth in his third fight against Roldan Sangcha-an. After a round of aggressive grappling between the two, they decided to come out in the second round and throw down until someone fell. Sangcha-an was then dropped by a hard right hand and then submitted. The “Fight of the Night” recipient proved that Delos Reyes is not afraid of swinging wildly, and that is good news for Seery.

Both these fighters could use a win, of course, due to their sub-par UFC records. Seery is coming off a loss against Louis Smolka at UFC 189 in which “The Last Samurai” was able to repetitively take down Seery and hold him down. Even in this scenario, Seery still scored a knockdown. Nevertheless, he does not want to fall to a 2-3 UFC record. Delos Reyes is coming off the aforementioned win over Sangcha-an, but if he falls to 1-3 in the UFC, his name will be on the chopping block for the next series of UFC cuts. Pay attention to this fight, because it is between a pair of fighters willing to throw down to keep their job.

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Danny Doherty
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Danny is a sophomore at Ithaca College looking to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Sport Media. He has been an avid fan of mixed martial arts since watching the UFC’s 100 Greatest Fights special on Spike TV back in 2009. Shortly following UFC 100, Danny’s Saturdays, and most of his free time, became dedicated to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In addition to writing for The MMA Corner, Danny works as a sports broadcaster and as a DJ for Ithaca College’s FM radio station, 92 WICB.