UFC 193 is happening this Saturday in Melbourne, November 14, at the Etihad Stadium, which has the capacity to hold up to 70,000 passionate fans. It’s a historical event as it has possibility to be the biggest UFC event ever, surpassing UFC 129 at Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada, headlined by Canada’s own George St Pierre.

It’s also the first time a UFC card has had two female UFC champions for co and main event. Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, and strawweight champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, will headline the card’s main two bouts. This historical event has the potential to break many records.

Let’s put the numbers aside for the time being, and let’s focus on ‘What to Look For’ this Saturday at UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm.

Which Champion Will Shine the Brightest?

Ronda is a tornado nobody can stop, or run away from. The ending has always been the same, with her opponent on the ground, hugging a wounded arm. Or, a knockout, much like in her latest appearance in the Octagon when she left Bethe Correia face planted on the ground,

Her last three wins have all been under one minute for, and she has not gone pass the first round since facing Miesha Tate for the second time, when it went to the third round before Rousey put Tate in another armbar..

Then we have the third European to ever get a UFC belt, “Joanna Champion” (as she likes to call herself because of her last name being so hard to pronounce). The battles she has been in, can be explained simply as beautiful violence. The former Muay Thai world champions striking is something amazing to behold.

However, I predict that this fight is not going to be a walk in the park for Joanna as I foresee Rousey against Holm will be. Valerie Letournéau is a Canadian veteran, and she doesn’t go down easy. Letournéau’s striking is good, and she does have both a height and leg reach on the champion. She gets hit a bit, but she has a good stand up game herself. Comparable to Joanna Champion? Probably not, but I can see this fight being a bloody stand up affair.

Since Rousey’s stardom might overshadow the rest of the card, look for “Joanna Champion” vs Letournéau to put on a similar remembrance performance as Lawler vs. MacDonald put on at UFC 189 when Conor McGregor’s presence overshadowed an amazing fight card just like this.

Mark ‘Super Samoan’ Hunt vs. Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva 2

The first time these two men faced each other in December 2013, it was an epic slaughter of a fight. It ended in a majority draw (48-47, 47-47, 47-47), Dana White walked around like a proud papa, showering them with praise. White even walked around in a t-shirt with the two fighters on for a short while before the post fight test result came back positive for Silva for elevated testosterone. One of the greatest heavyweights fight of all-time was now tainted.

This has all the probabilities to be an amazing fight again. The difference this time is that it’s going to be a three rounds instead of five. We will have to see if that changes things in the tactical approach to the fight for these heavyweights.

Also, it has been speculated that if Silva doesn’t have his testosterone replacement therapy, can he still take a punch like before when he was on it?

One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward to see this hypothesis play out against the walkaway-knockout-king Mark Hunt. I’m ready for round 6, 7 and 8 to go down. If it even gets that far.

Uriah Hall vs Robert Whittaker

This main card is absolutely fantastic if you would ask for my opinion, after going through already some of the fights there, we have not finished talking about it.

Uriah Hall vs Robert Whittaker is a middleweight showdown the fans have been asking for. Hall is coming off a highlight reel finish against the well-rounded Gegard Mousasi at ‘UFC Fight Night Japan’. The story of Hall not living up to people’s expectations after he left ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ house might have come to an end.

Whittaker is primary a striker, however, in comparison to Hall, he is not nearly as flashy or devastating in his power. That’s not me saying he doesn’t hit hard, because, he really does. Coming of two straight knockout wins against Clint Hester and Brad Tavares, Whittaker has nothing to be shy about.

As long as Whittaker moves a lot and doesn’t stand in front of Hall, he has just as good of a chance to win by stoppage from strikes as Hall. What also might happened here is Whittaker taking this to the ground and utilize his ground game on him. A victory by submission on Hall, who never has lost by submission would put a stamp on the middleweight division to keep an eye out for the young up and coming force that is Whittaker.

The hometown fan support for it’s native fighters

If this event is a sell-out, how loud can 70,000 screaming fans be for their own Australian fighters competing that night. There will be seven Australians and two New Zealanders;

  • Mark Hunt                         (New Zealand)
  • Robert Whittaker             (New Zealand)
  • Jake Matthews                  (Australian)
  • Kyle Noke                           (Australian)
  • Anthony Perosh                (Australian)
  • Richie Vaculik                   (Australian)
  • Brendan O´Reilly             (Australian)
  • David Kelly                        (Australian)
  • Richard Walsh                  (Australian)

Look for the extra ‘pop’ from the audience for these guys. I would still imagine the Super Samoan, Mark Hunt to get the biggest out of them, but. Ronda Rousey might again, steal the show from the hometown fighters as she has done before in Brazil, against the Brazilian native Bethe Correia.

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