‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor, a.k.a. Mystic Mac, is at it again with predictions for his future as he sees it, and did not mind sharing it with anyone who would listen at a recent media conference call ahead of his upcoming fight at UFC 194, against his long time arch nemesis, Jose Aldo.

“I’m gonna KO Jose Aldo, and I will face the winner of the Lightweight belt which takes place a week after and then I will fight for that. So, with within the next two fights, I will be a two weight world champion.”

When it comes to how all this is even possible, to take all the responsibility that comes with being a popular figure in MMA. McGregor had a very simple, and of course, cocky explanation for what makes him so different from most. The only way the ‘Notorious’ can.

“I’m just doing what I’m doing, and what I’m doing, I’m carrying this whole damn game and I love it. It feels light. I’m carrying it on my shoulders, but It like honestly feels light to me.

I feel like I’m doing single-leg squats with the whole game on my shoulders because it ain’t nothin”

“Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners, so I’m a winner. I focus on winning. I entered that promotion [UFC] as a winner, as a two-weight world champion, focused on winning. And that’s it.”

“You’ll always hear that with people,” he said, “‘I’ve been training for this guy my whole life’. How many times you hear that?”

” ‘When I was first started coming up, that guy was the man and I’ve been training, preparing, to fight him my whole life’ and then he goes and gets his ass handed to him on a plate because losers focus on winners and winners focus on winning. So, I came in here looking to win, looking to win all the belts. It doesn’t matter who holds them. I hold them, you know what I mean? Jose doesn’t show up, it makes no difference. It’s still me they’re coming to see, because I’m focusing on me and I’m focusing on winning.”

‘Notorious’ was also, already, talking about after defeating Aldo, if he prefer or even thinks Aldo would deserve a potential rematch? If not, who would he like to defend the title against, should he immediately jump to the Lightweight division?

“We’ll have to see how the contest plays out, if he can give me a war, and he can earn a rematch, well then we can do a rematch, but I just don’t see him answering the bell for the second round. I can’t see his face, or his body at the beginning of the second round. I see him Ko’d inside one. When you KO a man inside one, there is no need for a rematch. So if he come and if he can bring a war, and we can do this and trade for five rounds, or whatever, then maybe I consider a rematch.”

“I’m looking to emulate what I’d achieved in my previous promotion, and collect two belts, two different weight divisions. Hold them consecutively. Defend them consecutively, and carry on.”

“If that can be an exciting fight [Edgar Vs. Mendez], then maybe that’s the one. But, I would like to sit and wait for that, and watch that lightweight title fight the following week. And I’m hoping that’s a nice war that gets the fans excited and we can go and collect that second belt. But we’ll see how it plays out.”

UFC 194 is going down Sat. Dec. 12, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s all hope this card doesn’t face any difficulties, and stays as it is until fight day.

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