The shelf life of the average UFC fighter in the world’s top promotion doesn’t last very long.

It takes hard work, confidence, and hours upon hours to be able to work through the sweat and tears just to get there.  And once you achieve it, it’s even harder to stay there.

You have to be able to take the pressure that comes with standing under the bright lights, fighting someone who did everything you did, and having confidence in your craft. One must truly believe deep down that they are capable of accomplishing great things. Martial artists don’t get too many chances to figure it out, so you better hit the ground running.

Three losses in a row is mostly a ‘death sentence’ for your time there, two losses in a row can also be enough to point you to the exit, and even sometimes, a single loss can be all it takes to be shown the door if your performance wasn’t exciting enough for the fans watching.

This weekend, we are having the biggest fight weekend of 2015, with three UFC events in a row. UFC Fight Night 80, The Ultimate Fighter Finale and of course, UFC 194 all hit the stage in Las Vegas.

In this week edition of, ‘Who’s on the Hot Seat’ we are going to look over all the fighters from these three events and examine who will be fighting to keep their job.


UFC Fight Night 80:

Loser of Kailin Curran vs. Emily Kagan

This is our first ‘loser leave town’ fight of this ‘Hot Seat’ breakdown. With ten years apart in the age department, neither Curran nor Kagan has tasted the sweet taste of victory inside the UFC Octagon thus far. Curran is 0-2, but what her stats doesn’t necessarily tell you is how close she was to winning her last fight against Alex Chambers before getting caught in a submission (armbar) in round 3. That in and of itself is probably a big reason why she is getting a third opportunity to prove herself after two straight losses on the big stage.

Kegan, however, is also trying to outrun time, at 34 years old and after being defeated by now UFC released,- Invicta FC fighter, Angela Hill, Kegan is fighting to remain relevant. If Kegan is going to show that she belongs, it’s now or never.

John “Doomsday” Howard

The Boston Native is coming of a victory in his most recent fight against now retired Irishman, Cathal Pendred. The fight vent the distance with Howard winning a narrow split decision. Before that, Howard was having a lackluster 2014, and it didn’t start out too well for him beginning of this year either. After getting knocked out by Lorenz Larkin in just one round, and holding a combined 1-3 record in his previous four fights, it’s an uphill climb for Howard. The 32-year-old welterweight needs to win here against the tough Tim Means, and that’s a tall order for anyone fighting Means. He needs to put together a small win streak here if he is going to convince anyone that he should stay on the roster.

“King” Kevin Casey

Normally, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your UFC career when you are coming of a victory, but The Ultimate Fighter season 17 contestant is a bit of a unique case, this is his second go-around in the promotion after getting knocked out by Josh Samman in 2013. When the ‘King’ returned after winning three fights on the regional scene, he got another opportunity where he won in 61-seconds by TKO, however it got overturned by the Nevada Athletic Commission, after he tested positive for anabolic steroid drostanolone in a post-fight drug test. Casey was suspended one year, came back after his suspension, won, and is now fighting to prove to everyone he can compete under the strickt USADA regulation that began in October.


The Ultimate Fighter Finale – Team McGregor Vs. Team Faber

Loser of Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Konstantin Erokhin

I think we were all happy when Gonzaga came back to the UFC after his year or so hiatus in contemplating retirement. However, now people have started wondering, has he overstayed his welcome? After losing three straight, if he isn’t getting in the win column anymore, should he leave? If he loses too Erokhin, someone nobody really knows, he might get his walking papers. Erokhin has only had one fight in UFC, which resulted in his second loss of his entire career, when he is used to knocking guys out in Russian promotions. Could the loser leave town?

Geane “La Pulga” Herrera

You can notice a trend here that the odds are far greater of you getting the boot from the UFC brass if your first and only fight for them is a loss, especially if nobody really knows who you are. That goes for Herrera. He came to UFC in August of this year, got outworked by Ray Borg on the ground and lost by unanimous decision. The American was undefeated when he came on, and now holds a record of 8-1. Needless to say, Herrera is in need of a victory this Saturday if he wants to stay in the promotion he worked so hard to get to.

UFC 194:

Marcio Lyoto Alexandre

Alexandre has his back against the wall with two straight losses since getting the opportunity from The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: 3 finale to fight on a UFC card back in May of 2014. Not only is he coming off multiple loses in a row, he has a hungry lion in Court McGee standing in his way of capturing his first Octagon victory.

Not only is he going to have to have the physical skill-set this Saturday to win, but one can only hope that his mind is in the right place. If not, it’s more than likely the end of the road for Alexandre.

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