T.J. Dillashaw left team Alpha Male a while ago now to follow his striking coach Duane Ludwig to the MusclePharm gym in Denver. This started up discussions everywhere at the time, ‘was this the right move for Dillawshaw’? It came with more shock considering the bond Dillashaw shared with his teammates over the years.

If Dillashaw had in his mind that all of this was going to blow over shortly after announcing it, then that wish died when they aired the episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 22, where Conor McGregor, before this news came out, foresaw Dillashaw leaving Team Alpha Male. The ‘snake in the grass’, according to McGregor was about to turn his back on his teammates.

Hindsight is 20-20 as McGregor predicted the split between Dillashaw and his teammates.

The public opinion is still split on the matter, if it was the ‘right’ thing to do, leaving the team that brought him this far. However, one person who hadn’t given his two cents on it was UFC commentator Joe Rogan. On one of his more recently aired podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson was a guest. Johnson brought with him some questions fans had given through social media for him to ask Rogan, and one of them was about what Rogan thought about the the Faber and Dillashaw situation.

“Im very torn on that, I like both of those guys. I’m a big fan of loyalty, and I do not like when someone just gets up and leaves a camp that has been so good to them, like Alpha Male has been. But, I also feel like, with a guy like TJ, he had this deep connection to Duane Ludwig, and Duane Ludwig has done some incredible shit for his career. Without a doubt”

What makes Rogan’s opinion particularly interesting in this case is that not only that he is a UFC employee, he is also part owner in a supplement company called ‘Onnit’ that is one of Dillashaw’s sponsors. He has had trouble making sense of it all, not only because of what’s going on within the split, but the economics of MusclePharm, even though he admits he is no “financial guy”.

“He [Duane] is obsessed! He is obsessed with making guys better, and I think TJ recognises that and I think personality wise, Duane and Faber just clashed, it didn’t work out. I like Urijah a lot, I think Urijah is awesome, I love him as person, and I like Duane a lot. So I don’t know who tha fuck is right, and who tha fuck is wrong, I literally have no idea, right? So I don’t know what really vent down, but I know it didn’t work out, but I know that for Danny Castillo and I know for TJ, having Duane coach them has been a huge benefit. I don’t like that TJ took off, but I don’t know the specifics. And I also don’t know what MusclePharm has offered them. MusclePharm.. I don’t understand MusclePharm? This is what I don’t understand, those fucking dudes, if you look at the financial reports, those guys are HEMORRHAGIN money, they are hemorrhaging money. Im not sure whats going on there.”

Even though Rogan doesn’t understand the business model of MusclePharms, he is delighted  and thankful that they keep sponsoring mixed martial artists like Matt Brown, who took his family and moved to Colorado where the gym is located, and he hopes the company doesn’t go under.

“As it has been explained to me.. Let’s just put it this way, in a positive spin. They [MusclePharm] have made a significant investment in that gym, a significant investment in MMA and a significant investment in their company that, I don’t know necessary whether or not it has been profitable yet.”

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    Don’t you mean “the snake in the grass”…?

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      You are absolutely correct, it should be “snake in the grass”. I don’t know what happened there. Thank you for pointing it out.