Nate Diaz, brother of former Stikeforce welterweight champion turned UFC title contender Nick Diaz, has been in the news recently. But this time, it’s not due to epic rant in his post-fight win speak in the octagon with Joe Rogan that was aired on Fox. This time it’s about the salary Nate received after beating number five ranked lightweight Michael Johnson. $20.000 for show and another $20.000 for winning (20k/20K). Which most people has felt is very low for someone with Nate’s stature in the sport.

Nick would alter confirm the salary reports, and shared his opinion on the matter during an appearance on Chael Sonnen’s a most recent podcast, ‘You’re Welcome!’ that came out on Dec. 23.

“It makes me sick. It makes me sick. It makes sick what I get payed! And then you see the guy (Nate) comes out and doing really well. It drives you crazy.”

“Me and him (Nate) do 3 to 5 fights a year. 17 years later, 37 some fights later, after a while, you realize it’s more to life. You sit down, you have a drink, you get out of town and you come to some understandings. And I think that’s really important. And it’s not a kind of a thing that’s gonna happen to a guy that’s coming out of Stockton California.”

Nick further explained how he came to change and how he got his current contract as well as how he increased his overall pay.

“Before, I was like, I am going to be a pro boxer, I can win. I was going to fight Jeff Lacy, that’s how I started getting that Pay Per View percentage into my paydays. Because they had to, because I was gonna go and fight for millions of dollars in boxing.”

It makes Nick “pissed off” that Nate is fighting, for what he feels, is for free.

“Nobody has ever treated him like the champion, like the draw that he is. I’m like, he sells all those shows, they put him on a undercard of someone who is not popular and he sell the whole fucking show and then those guys take home the Pay Per View?! That’s insane. I will never do that. I’m the fucking main event, I’m who people want to see. 100 people come up to me, I can’t walk down the street. You know what I mean? Don’t tell me I’m not important. Same thing with him (Nate), he might as well be me, they think he is me or they think I’m him, they call me Nate, they call him Nick.”

“They really sell him (Nate) short, both of us, but as far as 20K/20K ,and you guys laughing, thinking it’s a joke.”

As far as what’s next for his younger brother, Nick revealed future matchup with current UFC featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

“They should give him what he wants, and they should give the fans what they want. As far as I’m concerned. ”

Chael Sonnen – “Which is the McGregor fight you’re saying?

“Yeah.. Yepp.”

Everybody should get what they deserve when it comes to their contract salary, and when it comes to Nate Diaz’s, it’s just not fair, and I don’t think anyone disagree with Nick there.

When it comes to Nate’s next fight, it’s undoubtedly a big money fight, but Nate just came off his first fight after a year layoff, and he had some rough outings leading up to that Michael Johnson fight.

UFC and it’s matchmaking don’t follow any set rules, for better or worse, so Nick’s idea might come into fruition.

The only fighter that could probably tell us before anyone else right now, even before the UFC, is the man holding all the aces, the ‘Notorious’, Conor McGregor.

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Christian Larusson is a passionate Mixed Martial Arts fan. With experience in writing for Swedish MMA sites, he now solely writes in English through blogging, PunchDrunkSports and The MMA Corner. Got his heart broken early in his life when a friend, ‘Judas’, told him that WWE/WWF wasn’t real. Then one day, he saw MMA on a friend's computer, he was overwhelmed with emotions from what his eyes had just seen. He´s been in love ever since. Christian has been published in different Swedish papers and books, nothing to do with MMA though, so who gives a shh-.

  • Charles Shapiro

    Nick, you lost your last 3 fights and got beat 5 rounds to zero against GSP, and Anderson Silva was fighting at about 70% of his max and was just playing around with you like it was a sparring match and he still whooped you. You complained about GSP DOMINATING YOU on the ground and that he was just holding you. Where was your black belt in jiu-jitsu? Why did you try to lock up the same arm about 10 times, so that GSP could just hop to the other side. Man, those are blue belt moves. Then, you showed your lack of integrity by getting caught smoking weed for the third time. Whether you’re for, or against weed, you signed a contract that said you wouldnt smoke, and you still smoked. Thats betraying your word, going against the contract you signed to make $500,000 against Silva, and just shows you’re lack of integrity. If the average person was offered a raise at their jobs for $500,000, and their contract and job said they couldnt smoke weed, they would get fired from that company for life if they then smoked weed. You need to evolve as a fighter, and you need to evolve as a man. All the career problems that you have faced were created by you. The UFC may have not paid fighters enough a few years ago, but if you would grow up and become a responsible, intelligent, and evolved human being, you could have created a lot more success in the UFC. And, your brother got his ass beat by Dos Anjos, he got knocked out by Josh Thompson, and he got dominated by Benson Henderson. He lost badly in 3 of his last 5 fights. Why should he get more than 40k? He got dominated his last 3 of 5 fights. He hasnt proved that he should even be in the top 10. If he was smart, he would shut his mouth and fight 3 times per year. If he fought 3 times per year, and made 40k per fight, that is 120k per year. Do you know that 99% of the world’s population makes less than $120,000 per year. Thats a good living. And, just like you, if he would stop making stupid comments or doing stupid things, he would have the opportunity to create a lot of success. And, if you dont like what you’re getting paid, go fight for a different organization. Oh, wait, i forgot, you got kicked out of the WSOF, and you werent even competing in the cage. That was a smart move. Man, you guys need to both evolve as fighters and as human beings, and start being a role model for all the kids in Stockton, who have also had difficult lives like yourself. Nate doesnt deserve to fight Connor, considering he got whooped by Dos Anjos, Thompson, and Henderson. But, if he is smart in the next few months, he will get more money for his next fight. You both need to stop crying and complaining, and start learning how to create you’re own success!

    • k sewak

      99% of the world population don’t spill blood for UFC to pay 40k, he filled the whole arena in orlando. UFC close the CAGE door on them and say DO OR DIE. (Cage) is used for animals, not human. Sage (The fetu) is making 60k

      • blairwalshmyballs

        tard you do know humans are animals right? cages are more fitting then you want to believe kid

        40k for a fight no matter how you spin it thats a good pay day some people dont even make that in a year he made that in a fight its called being grateful hes not being forced to do anything

        no nate diaz DID NOT sell that place out there WAS A !@#$KING TITLE FIGHT ON THE !@#$KING CARD a lot of brazilians in florida think about it tard they were there for cowboy and dos anjos i know i was a same with the majority there

        nick stop posting your drunk

        • k sewak

          Dos Anjos has only one fan and that’s you. We love cowboy, but Nate was the one who stole the show.

    • blairwalshmyballs

      charles stop speaking as if hes gonna come by and read your comment you reject @ $ $ douche bag

    • Jake

      Man you really have a hard-on for nick don’t you? Sounds like you want to make love to the man.
      I can’t address the billion things you got wrong but I will inform you that you cannot compare salaries to other jobs. If he makes 20/20, he is paying trainers and cornermen and paying for several other thing. Not sure why I’m even replying to you, you sound like you know everything.

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