Fans of combat sport loves to watch two people with animosity for each other go at it, and fans of mixed martial arts are no different. It feels like the stakes are higher, pride is on the line, bragging rights included. Fans of the sport can hardly contain themselves when these match-ups hit the scene.

So, with that in mind, here are ‘The Hateful Five’ match-ups to make:


Will Brooks Vs. Anyone of the ‘Pitbull brothers’ – Bellator

If we are trying to find the fight that is going to bring the biggest interest and the best buildup for a legit competitive fight under the Bellator umbrella, that is not featuring any has-beens, it is without a doubt a fight between Bellator’s lightweight champion, Will Brooks, and anyone of the ‘Pitbull’ brothers. One of them is in the same weight class as Brooks, Patricky Freire, and Patricio was until recently, the Bellator featherweight champion.

In November of last year, Brooks posted on his Twitter a bloody t-shirt and claimed to have video evidence of the ‘Pitbull brothers’ attacking him while they all were on sight in St.Louis for Bellator 145.

“Pitbull brothers showed me what cowards they are. They jumped me while I was on the phone with my mom.” – Will Brooks, 4 Nov, 2015.

“Will Brooks is a liar. He hit Patricky first and came at me, I went after him too and my first punch landed. We were separated.” Patricio Freire, 4 Nov, 2015

Read their back-and-forth conversation here.

Scott Coker, President of Bellator, said that police were called to the scene and reports had been filed of the incident. Coker claimed that this is first time in his 33 years in the fight business, that he could recall, in any league, that the police got involved because there was an altercation between fighters. Coker mentions that trash talk is to be expected, but never imagined that they were actually going to ‘harm’ each other outside of a cage.

Brooks poured some cold water on this potential match-up by stating he was apologetic that he had played any part of this brawl and was disappointed in himself for not representing the organization better as a professional athlete. Which of course is wise to say, however, in the fight game you sometimes get rewarded greatly by dancing on the thin line of what is acceptable and what is not, and by using the interest for this incident and direct it to a future bout could benefit you greatly.

If there is any charges from the police or others, they need to wait for them to be dropped to be in the clear before trying to build this fight up. But this is without a doubt, is a hateful match-up to make.


T.J. Dillashaw vs. Urijah Faber – UFC

T.J. Dillashaw’s departure from team Alpha Male to go to Colorado and train for Elevation Fight Team has been well documented in the past months leading up to the end of the year of 2015. Everything from Conor McGregor telling Urijah Faber that Dillashaw is a ‘Snake in the Grass’ on the season he coached against Faber, to all the heated word exchanges between Dillashaw’s striking coach Duane Ludwig and Faber.

At the beginning, the split, although sad, seemed to be a respected one and Faber wished Dillashaw all the luck on his exit from what had been Dillashaw’s home gym for the past six years. However, it didn’t take long before the foundation of the long lasting friendship they once had to fall down, once the seperation occurred.

Recently, Dillashaw was doing the promotional rounds with his next challenger to his belt, Dominick Cruz, on the Toucher and Rich Show (05:40), where Cruz went after Dillashaw for leaving Alpha Male. Making Dillashaw spill the beans on his personal thoughts of Urijah Faber MMA arsenal in comparison to his own.

Cruz“You left the guys you were supposed to be loyal to go with Ludwig in Colorado. You were supposed to be their brothers. You’re lost. He just left his so-called brothers. The guys who brought him into the sport. “

Cruz“All my fights were for titles. Top five guys. He’s fought one guy in the top five. How hard is it to finish guys in the top five compared to the top 15? He’s gotten finishes against guys in the top 15. Come on man, that’s nothing. You haven’t fought anybody good. I beat up your coach [Urijah Faber].”

Dillashaw“My coach? You beat up my coach that I’ve been beating up for the last four years? He’s not even my coach. He’s my teammate. He’s my buddy.”

Comments on this potential future title fight match up was made by Faber on UFC 194 post-fight press conference, where he stated;

“I’ve been released from the friendship (with Dillashaw). So I’m going to train my butt off and I’m hoping I get that call and I’ll be ready.”

Folks, this is a no-brainer. If Dillashaw comes out victorious in his next title contest on January 17, at UFC Fight Night 81 in Boston, then UFC needs to book Dillashaw opposite his former team captain and training partner at Alpha Male in Faber.


Nate Diaz Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov – UFC

Nate Diaz cut himself a fantastic promo after his fight with Michael Johnson in his post-fight (more a speech then a) interview with Joe Rogan, If a fight with Conor McGregor would ever fall into his lap, great. But, we are forgetting a potential main event worthy match-up with the bear-wrestler from Russia, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

These two lightweights, and their respective passé, have had two past runnings with each other that escalated into beer-throwing, shoving and all out brawl.

Nate haven’t really explained the incident in detail per se, but Diaz has made a short video commenting on it the only way a Diaz brother can, and Khabib took to Instagram to explain and try to recount his version of the incident.

If the fight were to take place, then you couldn’t use the video of that brawl in a promotional way unfortunately, however, I don’t believe that would be an issue, just make a miniature ‘World Media Tour’ version, á la Aldo/McGregor, for the lead up and I would bet you, these two would promote the fight fantastically anyway.


Jon Jones Vs. Cormier II – UFC

Who could ever forget the the lead up to the first time these two men faced each other. When Dave Sholler, (UFC Public Relations Vice President) was given the impossible task to separate these two light heavyweights if things got heated, which of course, happened.

As we all know, Jones won that first fight against Cormier in a five round decision, but his life choices caught up to him shortly afterwards, when news about cocaine use, leaving the scene of a car crash where a pregnant woman was involved resulted in UFC taking the undisputed champion’s belt away. Today, Jones rises slowly from the ashes of his past mistakes, and he wants back what was taken from him.

These two men picked up their bickering just where they had left it, after Jones went radio-silent and disappeared from the sport for a while so the investigation of his involvement in the accident could be completed, Cormier won the ‘vacated’ title in a contest with Sweden’s Alexander Gustafsson where he afterwards gave a little poke towards the former light heavyweight champion, saying, “Jon Jones, get your shit together, I’m waiting for you!”.

‘Bones’ did recently an interview, a walk-and-talk, with’s Ariel Helwani, where he couldn’t stop himself from throwing a jab at the current champion Cormier, for comments he had made about not wanting to (potentially) fight in Madison Square Garden in New York (which of course is just a possibility at best, since MMA is still illegal on a professional level in N.Y.) because that would give Jones an advantage since Jones is from there. ‘Bones’ felt that was “the most cowardly attitude ever.”.

If MMA is legalized in New York this year, this could be an amazing headliner for UFC’s historical first event in MSG, April 23th.


Josh Koscheck Vs. Paul Daley II – Bellator

May, 2010 is when one of the most infamous ‘cheap shot’ in the UFC history occurred as Paul Daley, after getting dominated for three full rounds in the wrestling department, after the fight was over and Dan Miragliotta had separated them, took the opportunity and walked over to Koscheck and loaded up on a left hook, aimed it for Koscheck’s face, and with that action made sure it was the end of the road for his time in the UFC Octagon and Daley was released immediately after the incident. Dana White ensured everyone, Daley was never going to be allowed back to the promotion.

Now, going on almost six years after the incident, Bellator has today both men under contract, there is an chance that we will see Koscheck Vs. Daley 2. Although, Koscheck was scheduled to face Matt Secor first, before an potential match-up with Daley could materialize, at Bellator 148 on January 29, but news recently came out that he had to be pulled from that contest because of an undisclosed injury.

The idea of booking Koscheck against someone else instead of Daley, immediately, was probably because ‘Kos’ is coming off five straight defeats in UFC before entering into the Bellator promotion, and Daley is in a much better place having only lost once in his past five fights. Granted, it has been against much lesser competition than what ‘Kos’ has faced, but it seems like the higher-ups at Bellator feels as they still need to build ‘Kos’ up before putting the fight together, but I feel regardless of that, make these guys sit next to each other, and let whatever magic is left of this fight materialized before something else delays it.

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