“Dead Man Walking” is the first in a series of pieces centred on fighters who are destined for blitzville. So who better to start things off than the right honourable Michael Bisping “The Count,” he of noble blood, will have the distinguished honour of walking the dreaded “Green Mile” when he comes face-to-face with former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight kingpin Anderson “The Spider” Silva in the main event of UFC FN 84.

A quick summary of the series:

Any top-ten fighter on the UFC roster that believes he/she has the Zuffa-based promotion on lockdown (Champions excluded) will constitute as a Dead Man/Woman Walking. It’s a straight to the point series with some background info, but little or no analysis; breakdowns etc.
Note: The idiom itself is metaphorical and not literal.

Bisping’s search for the 185-pound crown began in July of 2009 where he got sucked into a fistfight with one of MMA’s hardest hitters; Dan Henderson. The annals of that fight read something like this: “H-Bomb” connected, detonated, and Bisping was put on ice.

Had Bisping (27-7 MMA, 17-7 UFC) won that night, the chances are, he’d be one, maybe two fights away from a tilt at then-champ Silva. For the Englishman, therein lies the rub—whenever the level of competition has been cranked up a notch, he wilts. It was also a case of déjà vu when he threw down with the likes of Luke Rockhold, Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen (the Sonnen fight could’ve gone either way, but he left it in the hand of the judges; hearts bleed!

Nonetheless, in each of those contests, Bisping was max, two fights from you know what.

Still, Bisping is a workhorse; he gets knocked down and gets right back up, and keeps on trucking in the slim hope he just might get a whiff of UFC gold.

So, here he is once again, and in all likelihood, given the landscape of the 185ers; that elusive shot is within touching distance. That’s the good news.

The bad: Silva’s (33-6 MMA, 16-2 UFC) cupidity for a return to the glory days is simmering. Furthermore, given the Brazilian hasn’t won a legitimate fight in three-and-one-half years (his last victory was overturned to a no- contest following a failed drugs test, for which he was subsequently handed a one-years suspension), and will want to prove he’s still got what it takes to compete atop the middleweight summit, that and redemption.

And, if that’s not enough to transform the erstwhile champ into beast mode, well, Bisping’s constant barbs prior to, and leading up to the fight, especially the aforementioned failed drugs test will surely re-ignite that intense burning flame that once burned ever so brightly in Silva’s good ol’ days:

“If he talks shit, he is fucked, because I’ll beat his ass,” Silva told his entourage in Portuguese. “No blah blah blah, he’s gonna be fucked. If he talks shit, he’s fucked.” - UFC Embedded

Howbeit, with a plethora of skillsets in any given matchup, MMA math states: Anything can happen on any given night. Now this could’ve, should’ve and would’ve stood Bisping in good stead, but alas, he lacks the requisite skillset to upend the 40-year-old Silva. Nine times out of ten Silva takes this. Rewind—he starches Bisping all day, every day, off day included.

There ain’t no rub of the green here, no sir! Just a mile that’s green. Entertaining any such notion is hypothesis; chimerical at best.

Bisping is a Dead Man Walking: Come fight night, “The Spider” will lure the hapless Bisping into his matrix-esque web, and thereafter unleash his venomous attacks which will result in the brutal demise of the 36-year-old English nobleman. Qué será será!

Prediction: Silva via first-round knockout.

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