Josh “The Hell Boy” Huber is one of Colorado’s most popular fighters and one that fans always come to see. However, that was not always with the case with Huber, who at one point in his career had to travel out of state to fight the hometown heroes just so he could get a fight. Over Huber’s 10-year fighting career, he has fought for every major promotion not named UFC or Bellator and has fought some of the best that this sport has to offer. While Huber didn’t always win, he did always show up to fight. Over the years of consistently living the “anytime anywhere” motto, Huber consistently took short notice fights, consistently fought outside of his weight class and most importantly consistently showed up to fight and because of that Huber is now a guy that everyone wants to see but nobody wants to fight.

Huber is scheduled to face Clay Wimer at WSOF of Fighting 29, Saturday, March 12, 2016, live from the Bank of Colorado Arena in Greeley, Colo. after his initial opponent Justin Houghton pulled out. Huber recently sat down with Josh Davis of Press Box Insider Radio and to discuss his career his upcoming fight with Clay Wimer and his future in MMA.

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