It is incredible to see the meteoric rise of mixed martial arts over the past decade. It went from a niche sport to a mainstream attraction over a relatively short period. Now some of its biggest stars are household names with a global fan following. Millions watch the fights on pay-per-view. Different leagues have sprung up all over the place to join the bandwagon and more phenomenal athletes are getting discovered.  Of course, things would be more fun it there were bets to be made. MMA betting is more profitable with a bonus from one of the online betting operators so make sure to check them out. All of these are great news for the fight fans who truly appreciate the sport. They enjoy all the aspects of it including the following:

Different Disciplines Collide

Most competitions restrict the athletes into fighting individuals from the same discipline. MMA is different in that every form of martial art is welcome. Experts from all over the world can test their skills against others to see which discipline produces the best fighters. Over the years, certain groups have proven to be more successful than others. However, it is advisable to become a well-rounded fighter in order to reach the top of the rankings and become the champion. Kick boxers try to polish their grappling and vice verse, for example, in the quest to become the complete package.

Full Body Combat

Before the emergence of MMA, boxing was seen as the most popular combat sport. It still is in many ways but MMA is definitely catching up in terms of the numbers. One of the reasons is that fans enjoy seeing full body combat instead of just the arms doing all the striking. Here they can see the feet delivering powerful kicks that knock opponents down. Elbows and knees are often used by Muay Thai practitioners. You never know where the next blow is going to come with the wide variety of moves available to the fighters and that makes it quite exciting.

Short All-Action Fights

MMA matches tend to have much fewer rounds than your typical television fight. Things don’t go on for twelve rounds here. Most will be capped at three while championship matches can last for five. This means that the fighters don’t have much time to size each other up. They have to move quickly in order to gain the advantage. The sense of urgency is palpable at every moment. Fans almost always have something to cheer for. In fact, things commonly end way before the bell rings. Some wins take only seconds thanks to a carefully placed punch or an expertly maneuvered submission move.

Incredible Athletes

Several remarkable athletes have fought incredibly well at MMA events and gone on to become well-known champions. Each weight class has its own superstars with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Women have also made waves thanks to dominating performances that have become viral. Fans have a lot of fighters to choose from and everyone loves to support their own favorites, cheering for them inside the arenas, sports bars, or at home.

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