As I put fingers to keyboard, a cool brisk wind chills the airy landscape of Holly Rene Holm’s combative world. It hasn’t hit minus yet, but it’s on the periphery.

In mid-November 2015, Holm was crowned UFC queenpin of the bantamweights after her unexpected decimation of the much-trumpeted Ronda Rousey.

That was then, and this is now. The now is, she no longer holds that glorious golden strap, as Meisha Tate lulled her to sleep via rear-naked choke in the UFC 196 co-headliner.

Prior to the aforementioned, the UFC brass had sat Holm down and outlined their plans for her not-too-distant future; a rematch with MMA’s alpha female “Rowdy.”

Following her defeat, Rousey has since elected to take time out; a self-imposed furlough with an indeterminate return date. Nonetheless, rather than wait on the sidelines surmising her long-awaited reappearance, Holm politely declined their offer; citing the need to keep on trucking. The promotion begrudgingly conceded defeat and the rest as we now know is in the books.

Be that as it may, since that loss, “The Preacher’s Daughter” has been chomping at the bit for an immediate rematch with “Cupcake.” However, the head honchos at the Zuffa-based promotion weren’t budging — when they needed her to play ball, she played hard ball, so they followed suit; kind of two wrongs don’t make a right, but it damn sure makes it even-esque philosophy.

She was then given a second bite of the cherry; the boss men once again made her an offer, only this time it was to welcome UFC debutante Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino into the Octagon at UFC 198, in Curitiba, Brazil. However, there was a catch; 140 pounds of catch (weight). As with the Rousey proposal, the Albuquerque denizen once again point blank refused the offer, still hoping and praying that a rematch was somewhere in the offing.

But alas, Amanda Nunes threw a humongous spanner in the works, and she, not Holm, now gets to lock horns with Tate for the coveted 135-pound title, which is scheduled for July 9 at the historical UFC 200 bash. Truth be told, it wasn’t the most savvy of business moves by the UFC, but I’d hazard a guess they were cutting off their noses to spite their faces, or Holm’s face for that matter. I believe it’s the latter.

Still, worse was to follow, as both Cat Zingano and Julianna Peña were also booked for said event. Now that’s cold!

A quick look at how things are shaping up in the top-ten UFC women’s 135 division:

*Bethe Correia vs. Raquel Pennington booked for UFC on Fox 19; Teixeira vs. Evans, April 16.

*Sarah McMann vs. *Jessica Eye booked for UFC Fight Night 88, May 29.

*Tate vs. *Nunes and *Zingano vs. *Peña booked for UFC 200, July 9.

Save for Holm and Rousey, the only combatants not booked for any event are #9 Liz Carmouche and #10 Sarah Kaufman.

So where does that leave Holm?

Well if push comes to shove, the former world boxing champion and multi-titlist will have to take what she’s given. Albeit Carmouche and Kaufman aren’t the needle moving type nor the best suited for a recently deposed champ and current No. 1 ranked fighter, Holm (10-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC) will have to bite her tongue if either are proffered to her.

These are precarious times for Holm; intransigent behaviour in the work place more times than not, never bodes well for the employee, more so in the hierarchical empire of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In the world of business, it’s all about give and take, quid pro quo; I pat your back, you slap mine. Going that extra mile to assuage Dana White and co wouldn’t have gone unnoticed, if anything, Holm would’ve ingratiated herself with the brass, whilst being gently ushered in the direction of that coterie of company men and women who are premiated for playing ball, but not too hard. As things stand, her best laid plans of mice and men have gone somewhat catawampus, in an immensely frosty cold sort of way.

Long story short, her world will get a whole lot colder if she doesn’t get a spot at UFC 200; extremely ice cold, and that’s a killer.


* Denotes the champion and current top-ten ranked fighters in the UFC’s women’s bantamweight division.

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Nedu Obi

Nedu graduated from London Metropolitan University and has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and Media Studies. He is a fervent freelance writer/blogger and a wordsmith provocateur. His hobbies/interests are centred on MMA, Boxing, Football, Current Events and the Arts. He’s also a keen roller skater and marshals for the LFNS (London Friday Night Skate). "Political language -- and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists -- is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind". - George Orwell

  • gee kay

    The author hits the nail on the head! Holm and her camp is UFC persona non grata and has effectively been phased out of any future plans. She will likely have to wait a year for even a retread and likely two years for a title shot – if ever! The childish and petulant Dana White consistently picks and benefits favorites while penalizing those he dislikes. Bush league operator!

    • Vin Marino

      I agree, it was a very good article. Holly just signed a new contract, and usually they read: x fights within Y time-frame. Which means they have to give her a fight in a reasonable amount of time, or the UFC, and not Holly, is in breach. She’ll probably fight Carmouche or Correia, even possibly the winner of McMann/Eye in August, or if she’s willing to do a FS1 Fight Night, even late July. Then, if Ronda fights either Miesha or Amanda in November, she could get a juicier fight like Zingano at UFC MSG in November. Finally (hopefully), a win should set up a title shot this time next year, ESPECIALLY if Ronda wins in November. But, Holly gotta keep on winning. And Yes, Dana is a petulant child, and an obnoxious no-it-all.

      • gee kay

        The UFC offered up ‘juicy’ Cyborg at catch weight in a take it or leave it deal! That was the writing on the wall! The UFC had decided then Holm was getting iced at UFC 200 and shut out of further proceedings! Holm will be lucky to get a nobody within a year and will be the very last choice for a title shot if ever! It’s pretty obvious Holm has been ‘ex-communicated’ and will be left to wither on the vine! I suspect DW wants to send a clear message to all fighters who is large and in charge! Left to his own devises it won’t be long before he blows up the whole UFC!

  • Bee Dubyu

    The UFC did not embrace Holm as the champ. She was not suppose to beat Ronda. And when she did that upset the whole apple cart. I don’t think Holm will ever get another shot at that strap.

    • Barre McNiven

      I agree. Dana White hates her for what she did

      • MechMan

        So immature of him.

      • Barry

        All she did was prove to be the buster douglas of womens mma

    • gee kay

      Holm further increased their ire by taking on Tate and then declined Juice Queen Guyborg! Her further demands/desire for rematches with either Tate or Rousey were her death knell! Too bad because it was Holly who attracted me to MMA and is obviously the best thing about the ‘business!’ She is miles above the UFC and the parasites within it!

  • MechMan

    That seems awfully immature and childish if the UFC brass are that easily offended, IMO. It’s like they personally don’t like Holm just because she beat Rousey.

    • gee kay

      Either or! If I was a fighter I’d sure sit up & take notice of how their employer treats its employees! DW has even publicly humiliated Holm’s trainers & manager! What is that all about? I’m amazed that DW is allowed to pilot the multi-billion dollar UFC cash cow! I’d be throwin’ his butt out on the street asap!

      • Vin Marino

        Dana’s a douche, but with Bellator being backed by Viacom ($$$), they are going to lose a ton of talent if they don’t make some changes. Hopefully, within 2 years, Bellator is on equal footing with the UFC, cause competition is always good for consumers, and in this case, the workers as well.

        • MechMan

          Yes, I think Dana has gotten cocky with the UFC as the premier MMA organization.

  • Herman Allmaras

    The UFC top brass is ruthless and even vicious at times.

    • gee kay

      They should step in the octagon and give it a try!

      • Vin Marino

        Dana was going to fight Tito Ortiz like ten years ago, but it didn’t pan out

        • gee kay

          No that I’d pay for! Front row seats!

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  • B F

    Did this uneducated dolt refer toHolly as an “employee”? That is the #1 problem with UFC. They get away with treating independent contractors like employees thereby avoiding employer related taxes, yet deprive these quasi employees of protections and benefits afforded to employees.UFC needs to be investigated by the IRS IMO. All fighters should file IRS form SS-8 and get the IRS to decide the matter of employee vs contractor status.