UFC 197 featured two of the rosters best pound-for-pound fighters on one event, with both Demetrious Johnson and Jon Jones coming out victorious. Now with the event behind us, let’s take a look at which fighters are now in danger of getting their pink slips from the promotion.

Clint Hester

Hester was Jon Jones’ first pick on TUF 17, and although he didn’t win the competition, he looked to have potential to be a promising fighter in the UFC. He went on a four-fight win streak, and at one point was close to being ranked in the middleweight division, until dropping a fight of the night against Robert Whittaker. He then moved up to light heavyweight where he has been 0-2, being finished in both those bouts. Now on a three-fight losing streak it is very likely Hester has seen his last bout in the UFC, at least for now depending on if he can string together a few wins outside of the promotion.

Efrain Escudero

Escudero is another fighter who not only competed on TUF, but actually won his season back in 2008. After not having much success in his first stint and being cut in 2010, he got another shot a year later, but went 0-2 before being cut for a second time. After putting together a decent record in lower promotions, he got another crack at the UFC in 2014, but lost in his debut back. He got another chance and won his next two bouts, but now after dropping losses to Leonardo Silva and Kevin Lee on Saturday, it is extremely likely this is the last time Escudero will fight in the UFC. Possibly if he can gather some wins outside the UFC, I could see him maybe getting put on a Mexico card, but with that being said, it is probably the TUF 8 winner’s last time as a UFC employee.

Anthony Pettis

For the first time in his career, the once unstoppable lightweight champion is now on a three-fight losing streak since losing his belt to current champion Rafael dos Anjos. It is crazy to think that before losing the belt, many people were discussing Pettis as the pound-for-pound best fighter alive. This is a very awkward position for Pettis, and although it is almost certain that he will get another fight in the UFC, it’s very hard to tell what is next for him.

He still has all the tools to be a great fighter and even possibly a champion again, but I would like to see if the weight cut is possible, Pettis dropping down to featherweight and competing in that division. If he does decide to stay at lightweight, I think a good opponent to test him and see if he truly could make his way back to the title is Michael Chiesa who is an extremely tough fighter with a lot of momentum currently. Now, if the UFC wants to give Pettis a step down in competition to let him gain some confidence back, I think the winner of Diego Sanchez and Joe Lauzon would be the perfect fit, especially since both fighters are big names in the promotion.

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