There’s no greater benefit in life than the ability in striving daily to reach our full potential. History has taught us through many figures about the lessons, values, and results of pushing pass those prescribed limitations. Unquestionably life challenges have a profound impact revealing who we are. Accepting these challenges is the initiation process sending us through many peaks and valleys to reach our goals, thus becoming personally fulfilled.

It’s been a long journey for Sam “The Ram” Spengler as a Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. A decade long venture Spengler is no stranger to adversity throughout his career. Yet how does he still stand? The adrenaline rush of combat constantly fuels this go-getter as it has aided him in becoming better martial artist, competitor, and person.

This driven mentality has also led Spengler to success. February 6 2016 marked a defining moment in The Ram’s career becoming the new Dragon House MMA Welterweight Champion after a split decision victory over Mikey Gonzalez. To say that feat of accomplishment would be an understatement. Humble in victory the new champion credits his win as a collective effort of many people’s support and guidance.

“With Smash Gyms and corners Manny Rocha, James Terry, and Rudy Sanchez guiding me through training camp and fight preparation, “Spengler told MMA Corner. I just needed to do what they said and follow the regimens they gave me. It does feel awesome to be champion, not just for me, but for Smash Gyms, all my fans, and my supporters”.

Riding high off the success becoming champion doesn’t seem to be the close of Spengler’s fight story. After all his love for competing is the driving force that makes these goals in possible to achieve which also includes seeking new challenges in putting his mental and physical skills to the test in the cage.

“I have always loved to compete,” Spengler said. “Any competition that has been physically demanding and challenging is what I have always done.”

A two time veteran of Strikeforce, Spengler always had aspirations of returning to big leagues. He won’t have to wait too long as this dream will soon become a reality. Resurgence back unto a major fight stage is now a member of the Bellator FC fight roaster. Gaining the attention of the company after his title victory Spengler is enthusiastic about the upcoming fight venture in the company and with a decade of experience Spengler is more than capable of taking on the world class talents in his division.

“It’s my first fight in Bellator, but I have had decades of competition. I’m a seasoned veteran in all styles of Martial Arts,” he said. It is very exciting to have this opportunity to showcase my skills with this prestigious organization.”

Making his debut May 14 at Bellator 154 Spengler first challenge comes in the form of Doyle Childs. 2-1 in his professional fight career, Doyle will also be making his Bellator debut as he looks to make a good first impression staking his claim as a threat in the welterweight division.

These two competitors are no strangers to one another as their paths have crossed at DM- Dragon House 14 with Doyle coming out victorious in that encounter over The Ram. Spengler is driven and focused for this fight as he also looks to come away victorious avenging his past loss in front of a hometown crown in San Jose, California.

“Beating Doyle Childs means a lot to me. I have been training for Doyle, in particular, for months,” Spengler said. “With my team at Smash Gyms, my conditioning, skills, and game plan are on point.”

Every challenge provides another learning opportunity to becoming better. Spengler knows this which has shaped him into the fighter he is today. Heading into this upcoming fight with Doyle, it’s simply another chance for Spengler to uncover more about himself while showcasing his skills to the world. One thing is for certain, this is one fighter fans don’t want to miss in action as it poses a potential candidate for “Fight of the Night” on an already exciting fight card at Bellator 154.

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Monta Wiley is an aspiring sports journalist that has covered the world of MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been a regular contributor to US Combat Sports. Monta has a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration from California State University-Los Angeles. Outside of his writing, you can find Monta at the gym honing his BJJ technique.