Will $50 million large ones be enough to entice MMA’s ultimate cash cow Conor McGregor to put his dukes up against retired boxing kingpin and self-impresario Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Well, the swirl of the rumour mill is that Mayweather, one of boxing’s all-time greats has reportedly offered “The Notorious” one a humongous $50 million greenbacks to share the ring with him on New Year’s Eve 2016, Las Vegas, N.V.

As of yet, there’s no word on McGregor accepting or declining the offer.

Nonetheless, this is all supposition; however, if this fight does eventually comes to fruition, it’ll be dependent upon clearing a few stumbling blocks, viz., the UFC head honchos asserting that this be a joint venture – UFC promotions and TMT promotions.

Secondly, is Mayweather’s readiness to accept and/or negotiate the aforementioned terms, and finally, whether McGregor will agree to the stipulated $50 million all in. I doubt the latter will materialize, as the Hibernian is aware of his star power and what he brings to the bargaining table.

My guess; he’ll welcome the aforesaid millions but will also insist on a generous cut from the pay-per-view and gate revenue, not to mention any and everything else he believes he’s worth and entitled to.

Still and all, for a while now, a Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing match has been making the rounds. To some, it seemed chimerical at best; a mixed martial artist versus a renowned pugilist sounds beyond ludicrous. Whilst to others, it’s chance to prove once and for all that MMA boxing can and will never prevail against the well-versed art of the sweet science proper.

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