On Friday, June 10, 2017, Titan FC continued its push to become one of the premiere promotions in the industry as they bring fans three titles as well as the first fight of their newly announced women’s bantamweight division.

Titan FC 39 took place live at Bank United Center in Coral Gables, Florida. In the headlining fight fans witnessed a a lightweight title fight between Gesias Cavalcante and UFC & Strikeforce veteranPat Healy.  In addition, Andre Harrison looked to defend his featherweight title against Deivision Ribeiro while Dhiego Liman and David Michaud battled for the recently vacated welterweight title.


Dhiego Lima vs David Michaud – for vacant welterweight title

Round 1: With a touch of the gloves both men met in the center of the cage. Lima opens up with a lightning quick leg kick followed by a left hoo to the jaw of his opponent. Michaud looked to clinch up against the fence but Lima reversed position before breaking free. Lima began to circle from the outside while Michaud stalked him, looking to get inside. Michaud continued to throw combination with bad intentions before snatching a body kick out of the air and securing the takedown. Lima attmped to rise to his feet but Michaud drops him back to the canvas with a vicious straight left. Michaud closed out the round with a series of elbows from side control. The MMA Corner scores it 10-9 Michaud

Round 2: Michaud picked up right where he left off, taking the center of the cage and connecting with a thunderous standing elbow. After a lunging flurry, Michaud drops to the canvas after taking a finger to the eye. After a short recovery period, both fighters pick up the pace once again. Lima avoids a flurry from Michaud and secures the takedown against the cage. With Lima to lock on the the rear-naked choke, Michaud reverses and gets back to his feet before unloading with another combination following a right to the body. The MMA Corner scores it 10-9 Lima

Round 3: Lima connected with a hard head kick to open the third frame before shooting for an ill-timed takedown in the center of the cage. With his back to the cage, Lima continued to eat combination before going in for another failed takedown attempt. Michaud looked to connect with a straight left but ended up eating a hard left from Lima. With blood trickling from his eye, Michaud closed out third frame with a trip into back control. The MMA Corner scores it 10-9 Michaud

Round 4: Michaud continued to press the action, throwing hooks to the body of Lima. Lima attempted to secure a series takedowns against the cage but Michaud defended all of them. With both men starting to slow, Michaud connected wit ha quick combo before dropping his hand and disengaging. Lima followed with a powerful hook, sending Michaud tumbling the canvas. Lima sensing the kill, swarms on his downed opponent. Working from half guard, Lima looked to move into mount. Michaud defends well but eats a hard elbow from Lima to close out the round. The MMA Corner scores it 10-9 Lima

Round 5: With blood trickling from both ears, Michaud took the center of the cage and immediately ate two jabs from his opponent. Lima continued to pump the jab before connecting with a hard right kick. At the halfway point of the final frame, Michaud defended yet another takedown attempt from Lima before shooting for his own failed attempt. Michaud would eventually secure the body lock before pulling Lima to the canvas. Lima immediately jumped back to his feet and broke free, visibly exhausted. Michaud takes a glance at the clock and pays for it with a hard kick from Lima. Both men closed out the fight with a wild flurry in the center of the cage. The MMA Corner scores it 10-9 Michaud

Official Results: Dhiego Lima def. David Michaud by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

Andre Harrison vs Deivison Ribeiro – for featherweight title

Round 1: Ribeiro takes the center of the cage wit the champion bouncing around the outside. Ribeiro connects with a looping overhand right but Harrison escapes and continues to circle from the outside. Harrison lunges in for a hard outside leg kick. Harrison closes out a rather lackluster opening round with a series of headkicks. The MMA Corner scores it 10-9  Harrison

Round 2: With the champion continue to circle from the outside, Ribeiro lunges in with a flurry before disengaging and taking the outside himself. With his opponent now circling away, Harrison secures the takedown and immediately takes side control. Controlling the wrist, Harrison transition to back control before Ribeiro escapes back to his feet. With only a minute remaining in the round, Ribeiro looks for the combination against the fence. Harrison evades and closes out the round circling from the outside. The MMA Corner scores it 10-9  Harrison

Round 3: Kicking off the third round, Harrison immediately takes the center of the cage. As he peppered the Harrison with strikes, Ribeiro connects with a right leg kick and immediately falls to the canvas, holding his shin. With his opponent reeling, Harrison swarms in from the kill before the referee pulls him off before any more damage is done. Replay show Ribeiro’s shin fractured from checked kick by Harrison.

Official Results: Andre Harrison def. Deivison Ribeiro by TKO (leg injury). Round 3, 2:13 – for featherweight title

Gesias ‘JZ’ Cavalcante vs Pat Healy – for vacant lightweight title

Round 1: Both men meet in the dead center of the cage. Healy attacks first but Cavalcante evades before taking any damage. Healy continues to press the attack before Cavalcante drops him with a picture perfect straight and turns his lights off with a violent donkey kong punch between the eyes.

Official Results: Gesias ‘JZ’ Cavalcante def. Pat Healy by KO (strikes). Round 1, 2:07

  • Gesias ‘JZ’ Cavalcante def. Pat Healy by KO (strikes). Round 1, 2:07 – for vacant lightweight title
  • (c) Andre Harrison def. Deivison Ribeiro by TKO (leg injury). Round 3, 2:13 – for featherweight title
  • Dhiego Lima def. David Michaud by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) – vacant welterweight title
  • Carina Damm def. Sarah Alpar by unanimous decisoin (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Micah Miller def. Kenny Gaudreau by Unanimous Decisoin (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Abdiel Velazquez def. Alexis Vila by Majority Decision, Round 3
  • Kurt Holobaugh def. Luciano Dos Santos by TKO (strikes). Round 2, 4:32
  • Saba Homasi def. Vitor Regis Eustaquio by knockout (punches). Round 1, 2:21
  • Lazar Stojadinovic def. Chino Durran by submission (RNC). Round 2, 1:30,
  • Preston Parson def. Ignacio Bahamondez by submission (armbar). Round 1 2:59
  • Raush Manfio def. Luis Zequeira by knockout (knee). Round 2, 4:52

(c) – Champion