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Despite the Gangster from West Linn stating he would never return to the octagon, Chael P. Sonnen has entered the US Anti-Doping Agency testing pool — and the doping agency has confirmed the former title contender at both middleweight and light heavyweight has already been tested twice out of competition. The existence of the tests was made public on the USADA’s Athlete Test History website.

Sonnen was last seen in action in November 2013, losing to Rashad Evans at UFC 167. Prior to that, he had a win over Shogun Rua, and losses to Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, for the middleweight and light heavyweight titles, respectively. However, in 2014, a scheduled bout with Wanderlei Silva imploded at UFC 175 when both Silva, then Sonnen, were caught with doping raps. Sonnen was handed a two year ban after testing positive for HGH, EPO, hCG, anastrozole, and possibly the kitchen sink in multiple test failures. The positive tests cost him his spot with the UFC, and later his job with Fox Sports.

Always the showman, Sonnen landed on his feet with his podcast, You’re Welcome, and scored a gig on ESPN as well. He was also one of the few athletes to ever own up to his cheating, stating that he made an informed decision to try and cheat the system.

So is Sonnen really considering a comeback?

According to a report from MMAJunkie Sonnen asked to be added into the pool as he contemplates coming out of retirement. Retired fighters are generally required to be tested for a four month period before stepping back in the cage, however, an exception was made in the case of Brock Lesnar. Sonnen, it seems, will get no such exception. However, the MMAJunie report quotes Sonnen as stating “Not if the test is as good as I remember it being” when asked if he was really coming back to action. Which means Sonnen is either still trying to cheat the system, or just putting on a show as always. With him, it’s hard to tell.

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