Every year, mixed martial arts has seen the arrival of more wrestlers like Matt Hughes, a two-time UFC Welterweight Champion. He has had two separate six fight winning streaks, and he has made a lot of waves in the MMA as a young wrestler. Could it be that wrestlers make for better fighters? For a lot of the wrestlers who make that transition into the MMA, their success fighting in the cage is wildly different from their success as a wrestler. This has sometimes led people to question if there might be a correlation between wrestling and fighting. Matt Hughes is one example, but you have other fighters in the MMA that include:

    • Tom Lawlor
    • Jake Hecht
    • Vladimir Matyushenko
    • Mike Massenzio
    • Tyson Griffin

All of these MMA fighters had experience in college wrestling. Matt Hughes has also defended his belt seven different times, and he has long been a member of Miletich Fighting Systems. He left Miletich Camp in 2007 to start Team Hughes, and he co-owns a gym in Illinois with his teammate Robbie Lawler, Marc Fiore and Matt Pena.

Boasting an impressive record of 45-9, Matt Hughes has become a household name in the mixed martial arts field. Time and time again, he has proven that saying that, “A country boy can survive.” Believe it or not, however, Hughes actually comes from a humble background. He came from a town of just 4,500 people in south central Illinois. He and his twin brother spent a lot of time in childhood learning the importance of hard work and how it pays off. Many times, Matt recalls how his father “volunteered” him to help out family friends and his dad drove home the principle that you never take advantage of someone else’s mishaps.

In junior high school, Matt had a somewhat limited participation in high school sports, but one of the things that his activities included was the interschool wrestling tournament. In high school, these twins participated in both wrestling and football at Hillsboro. Could this be the reason that Hughes has been wildly successful in the MMA? While the aggression of football may have helped, it was the wrestling mat where Hughes qualified for State. Even during this time, Hughes was successful as a wrestler, and he had an impressive streak of over four years that put Matt in the Illinois State Championships in Assembly Hall.

Matt Hughes is an MMA legend who has always been known for his athleticism, toughness and endurance. When you compare him to other greats like Georges St. Pierre who is another great wrestler, each of the fighters have represented change and innovation in the world of fighting. Hughes has defeated several of some of the best fighters in the world, and has been been strong against some of the most difficult opponents.

Georges St. Pierres has been more of a well-rounded fighter while Matt Hughes is a wizard when it comes to grappling fights. While Georges St. Pierres might be a better fighter, Matt Hughes is more fun to watch because he takes more risks with his fighting. What makes Matt Hughes a great fighter is how he is not only a good at MMA but also a great role model for the upcoming generation. He has led by example. Matt Hughes is a born again Christian, and you regularly see him posting Bible verses on his website. What has made Hughes famous is how he even defeated the legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Royce Gracie, who is a Hall of Famer in the UFC. He has also defeated other big names like Georges St. Pierre, B.J. Penn, Matt Serra and Sean Sherk. He continues to make waves in the MMA world, and it is likely that that will continue. One of the sports betting sites trends is putting the money on Hughes because he rarely disappoints.

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