Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos recently suffered what many people consider to the most gruesome injury in the history of fighting. When Santos faced Michael Cage at Bellator 158 in London on July 17, 2016, the fight ended with a spectacular knockout. Cage decimated Santos with a power flying knee shot that instantly collapsed Santos to the canvas.

It turns out that flying power shot was perhaps the most devastating knee ever landed. Cyborg’s skull was caved in, and the pictures of his face and the X-ray of his skull are nauseating.

The injury was so severe that Bellator felt bad enough that they paid for all the costs of Cyborg’s medical bills. They even felt guilty enough to pay him his win bonus for the fight even though he lost the fight in perhaps the worst way ever seen in MMA.

It was so bad that his ex-wife and fellow MMA fighter, Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, set up a GoFundMe page and asked for fight fans to donate to pay his bills. Since Bellator paid the bills, Santos ended up giving the money to charity. Justino also told him he should not fight again, but Santos is not to be deterred so easily.

Not Ready to Give Up

It seems like most fighters who were destroyed in this manner would never want to enter the cage again under any circumstances. This seems especially true for a fighter who is 38-years-old and seems to be ready to retire. Not so with Cyborg. He underwent surgery in Texas on July 27 to fix the fracture, and he immediately made plans to start fighting again as soon as possible.

For now, he is resting up and recuperating from the effects of the devastating injury and the surgery to fix it. This recovery process will be take a couple months. It looks like he will be cleared to start training again sometime in September.

Wants to Fight Again in December

If Santos can begin training again in September, then he wants his next Bellator fight to be in December. It seems like entering the cage again so soon after such a horrific injury would be a risky move, but Cyborg seems to live up to his nickname by exhibiting not a trace of fear. It remains to be seen whether this is a foolish move or a heroic one, but no one can doubt the bravery that Santos has exhibited in the aftermath of his terrible injury.

Wants to Fight at 155

The history of Santos in Bellator has not been very impressive. After his loss in brutal fashion to Cage, Santos now has a record of 1-2 in his Bellator fights. He wants to go down to lightweight and fight at 155 pounds, which seems like a smart move. Dropping down in weight should help to prevent him from facing the kind of power that caused his gruesome skull fracture. Even though he will be safer, it is unlikely that he will be favored. A Betonline review of the odds when they are posted will likely show that he will be a underdog no matter who he faces.

The Debate About Whether He Should Fight Again

Although Santos seems bound and determined to get back into the cage, it is not clear whether he will be allowed to do so. He has now been knocked out in four of his last seven fights, and that kind of record coupled with the serious nature of his injury may make it hard for Bellator to let him step back into the ring in good conscience.

In fact, many fight fans and pundits alike are calling for Bellator to prevent Cyborg from endangering his health by getting back into the cage. The man has taken an awful lot of punishment over the last few years, and some people think that

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