Public Anticipation Builds

A lot of fan interest surrounds the upcoming match on November 12, 2016 for the UFC Lightweight Championship title in Madison Square Garden, New York. The fight between defending champion Eddie Alvarez and challenger Conor McGregor, the current UFC Featherweight Championship title holder, has attracted great interest!

A victory by Irishman Conor McGregor would enable him to achieve the status of a dual UFC Champ in both the Lightweight and Featherweight classes. He previously won that distinction fighting in the London-based Cage Warriors Fighting Championship. In 2012, he concurrently held the titles of Cage Warrior Featherweight and Cage Warrior Lightweight Champion. Can he repeat this feat in the UFC? Many fans believe he stands a good chance.

An Accomplished Martial Arts Fighter

Conor McGregor at age 28 enjoys an impressive record as a martial artist. He has won far more fights than he has lost. His current MMA record of 20-3 testifies to the power of his left fist. In the past, the flamboyant auburn-haired Ultimate Fighting Championship title holder has used strikes very effectively. He’s won two fights by decision, one by submission and a stunning 17 by knockout.

Dubbed “The Notorious”, Dublin-born Conor McGregor has a reputation for using aggressive tactics in the ring. His pending bout for the lightweight title has upset some other lightweight MMA fighters who complain he should defend his own Featherweight title first, before advancing ahead of them to compete for the Lightweight title. An admirer of the late American boxing champion Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor has sometimes been accused of employing the same pugnacious pre-match talking style the boxing champ used so effectively as a psychological tool against opponents. Whether he wins or loses in November, he has definitely attracted attention. He currently ranks as one of the UFC’s most-watched competitors on pay-per-view.

An Epic Match

Of course, anyone interested in a review should appreciate that Conor McGregor will face a tough competitor in Eddie Alvarez, “The Silent Assassin”. Born in Philadelphia, the 32-year old American UFC Lightweight Champion also boasts an exceedingly impressive record: 28-4. He won slightly over half of his victories, 15 of them, through knockouts. In many ways, Eddie Alvarez displays a versatile arsenal of methods to win fights, relying upon strikes but also drawing upon a varied selection of martial arts techniques, including wrestling holds and effective kicks.

Eddie Alvarez filed the opening verbal salvo in the match already, telling reporters a few days ago he never felt so “unthreatened” by another fighter. He noted he believed Conor McGregor had appeared poorly conditioned during his most recent match, a fight against Nate Diaz won by majority decision.

Just a Few Weeks Away

With so much at stake in the outcome of the upcoming fight this November, some fans wonder whether Conor McGregor will succeed in attaining an historic concurrent dual Championship in the UFC. The current title holder, Eddie Alvarez, stands two inches shorter than his challenger. However, he has displayed great talent during previous fights. He possesses strong motivation to defend his recently earned UFC Lightweight Championship title successfully and demonstrate once again his impressive MMA fighting abilities.

When Eddie Alvarez successfully won his UFC title on July 7, 2016 in a match in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year, he faced an opponent who stood an inch taller. Eddie Alvarez has shown he can overcome a height disadvantage in mixed martial arts fights. Rafael dos Anjos from Brazil holds a Black Belt in Muay Thai, but Eddie Alvarez succeeded in winning the match against him during the first round on a TKO. At the time, Rafael dos Anjos was considered a three-to-one favorite.

Worthy Opponents

Clearly, “the Silent Assassin” can prevail even against steep odds. Will he defend his title against Conor McGregor? Fans anticipate an historic contest.

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