Life can be a battle as a mixed martial arts fighter. From the preparation to the competition arena, it is a continuous fight to reach the top. Yet hard times can’t last forever. When the stars align things always have a way of coming together, making the struggle worth the reward as the dream is finally fulfilled.

Continuing his push to greatness, Bellator 165 marks the fifth appearance of James “Intensity’ Terry. At 17-9, it has been a decade long journey for this tenacious competitor fighting out of San Jose, California. Whether it has been a case of bad luck or judge’s scrutiny, Terry has a rocky road in his Bellator run with a company record of 1-3. Two controversial decisions and a submission loss were the cause of Terry’s downfall. Referee judging has been a hot topic in MMA, something Terry has been on the receiving end of in many fights throughout his career. Yet going through these frustrating times haven’t discouraged him as it has become fuel to his fire.

“Because the judging is so subjective in many of my losses, it has definitely slowed me down in getting on the main Bellator card,” Terry told Press Box Insider. “However, I’m not taking anything bad from it. I’m growing and using each loss as lessoned learned.”

The lessons of his Bellator trials have certainly bred a more aggressive and hungry competitor. This motivation was a great asset in Terry’s recent victory at CFC with a unanimous decision victory over Randall Wallace. Looking to continue this momentum into Bellator 165, Terry is ecstatic to be fighting in his hometown at the SAP Center in front of family, friends, teammates, and avid bay area fight fans.

“It’s always a great feeling for me to be fighting at home in my backyard,” he said. “This will be my seventh time fighting at the SAP Center in San Jose.”

James Terry has had great success in the past, fighting at the famous San Jose Sharks arena. Mr. Intensity’s seventh appearance at this familiar fight grounds will find him squaring off against Justin Baseman (19-10-1). Hitting some recent hurdles of his own, Baseman is coming off back-to-back losses. This fight offers incredible potential for bettors to make some money – want to bet on the go? Then check out these mobile apps.

With a high respect for his seemingly evenly matched opponent, Terry is looking forward to the upcoming battle at Bellator 165.

“Justin and I have had each other on our radars for quite some time. He is a very tough fighter and it’s going to be an honor to fight him. I’m looking to exploit any opportunities he gives me. I want to showcase to Bellator just because I am 1-3 in that division, it doesn’t mean anything because I can beat any of these guys on any given day.”

Training at Smash Gym, Combat Sports Academy, Guerrilla JJ, and other fight factions in the San Jose area, Terry has had a wide range of assistance in preparation for the battle on November 19. The upcoming fight isn’t the only focus of Terry’s daily grind. While main stage competitors enjoy the wealth of financial benefits through their fighting career, Terry relies on three sources of income. The juggling tasks of being  a full-time fighter, coach, and businessman all go hand and hand to assure each goal is being meet.

“My grind is a lot harder than most fighters. Not only am I a full-time fighter training for this fight, but I run my own personal training business and coach at various gyms in my area.  I can’t rely fully on fighting so I’ve had to make a financial decision to support me, my wife, and my daughter. This has all made me a tougher person and grow in all my lines of work.”

Things have never come easy for James Terry. With mishap after mishap, the stars have yet to align for the ten-year fight veteran. However, quit is not in his vocabulary. The struggle is something he has learned to embrace, and that has made him into the fighter he is today. A victory over Baseman puts Terry in the right direction in proving to the world he is at the top of the game and stakes his claim amongst the best in the world.

Will the stars finally align for James Terry? Tune into Bellator 165 to watch the story unfold.

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