A New WWE Star

T.J. Perkins enjoys the distinction of attracting a loyal following of wrestling fans as one of the youngest and brightest stars in the WWE roster. His path onto the WWE stage involved a long, hard fought 18-year journey. He left his home frequently to travel widely in pursuit of his dream of wrestling glory, and even overcame homelessness at one point.

Despite setbacks along the way, it seems likely T.J. Perkins will redouble his efforts in the future! If self-discipline and determination count in the achievements of wrestling stars, then T.J. Perkins certainly enjoys a bright future!

Starting Early

T.J. Perkins’ dedication to the sport of wrestling began at an early age. Betting sites often find their patrons focusing in part on an athlete’s commitment to a sport; in that respect, 33-year old Los Angeles resident T.J. Perkins likely attracts some favorable odds! He nurtured a dream of success as a wrestler from a young age. Born in September, 1984, he spent his childhood in Riverside, California, where he attended St. Thomas the Apostle School.

He recently celebrated his 33rd birthday after an impressive 18 years journey towards success in wrestling. He first debuted as a wrestler in 1999 and would go on later (as an 18-year old) to also study other sports, including boxing and mixed martial arts. T.J. Perkins trained under both Kevin Quinn and Christopher Daniels.

International Travels

More than many WWE stars, T.J. Perkins has traveled in pursuit of his lifelong dream of winning a title. Although he actually made enough early in his career to buy his own house by age 21, his path towards a place on the WWE roster proved challenging sometimes. He has performed under a long list of stage names. As a teen, he journeyed frequently through both California and Mexico to participate in matches and sharpen his skills.

He eventually also wrestled at the Los Angeles home of New Japan Pro Wrestling, becoming the youngest U.S. citizen to compete there. As a young wrestler, T.J. Perkins resided in succession in four different nations: he spent time performing in Mexico City and traveled widely to participated in matches internationally, visiting locations from Barcelona to Canada.

Recovering From Homelessness

Keen on performing on a full-time basis for the WWE, T.J. Perkins made the risky choice to relocate to Florida in the midst of the recession to pursue that dream. His attempt to win WWE stardom then did not succeed, and it coincided with a difficult period of time for his parents, also. After a brief but painful period of homelessness, he essentially re-launched his career all over again.

During this journey, T.J. Perkins would go on to successfully win a new WWE Championship title at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after defeating Fred Yehi to qualify for participation. He advanced steadily through the tournament by defeating a succession of competitors. He later successfully defended his title against Brian Kendrick at Clash of Champions, a pay-per-view event in Indianapolis, Indiana conducted on September 25, 2016. The vigorous match lasted 10 minutes and 31 seconds. Afterwards, T.J. Perkins extended his hand for a closing handshake, but received a headbutt in response.

The Future

T.J. Perkins lost his most recent match against Brian Kendricks during WWE Hell in a Cell. Yet his career appears targeted for successes in the future. While despondent about the loss of his cruiser weight title, he vowed to begin his journey towards it all over again, promising that he would not discontinue his efforts to regain the coveted wrestling accolade. After an early entrance into wrestling and extensive efforts on behalf of his chosen sport, he remains a WWE celebrity to watch. Fans will look for him in upcoming events in the WWE!


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