During his time in the UFC, GSP was the sport’s biggest star and drew huge crowds. He was a pioneer in MMA and it will be interesting to see if he has improved or declined as a fighter over time. It was a battle for the Canadian mixed martial artist to negotiate a deal for a comeback with UFC president Dana White. St-Pierre felt that the organization had not followed the terms of the contract by not arranging a fight for him in the Octagon.

GSP announced to the media that he was terminating his exclusive deal with the UFC and was now a free agent. Soon after that announcement the organization hit back saying that he was still under contract with the UFC.

Many fans and pundits did not expect to see the legendary fighter back in the octagon due to his frosty relationship with Dana White. The two have managed to put their differences to one side and have finally agreed that a fight will be arranged for him in 2017.

With the excitement building about the prospect of GSP returning, many fans and pundits are trying to guess who he will face. Most have different views on who the Canadian MMA fighter should face first in the Octagon. There are so many big fight opportunities that it is hard to choose which one to see. Should he face Bisping for the belt? Nick or Nate Diaz would be a mouth-watering prospect. I am sure everyone would like to see McGregor vs. GSP but the Irish star seems to be focusing on facing Mayweather next.

Michael Bisping is one of the favorites to face GSP first and I am sure he would love the fight. It would be by far his biggest payday and the alternative is facing Yoel Romero. I do not think anyone would like to face Romero are the chances are after facing him you will come out a different man. He is a beast and is so powerful it must be a terrifying experience facing him. If GSP were to win that fight it would give him a chance of winning the belt and his stock would greatly rise to make his second fight even bigger.

Many fans would like to see GSP vs McGregor but I cannot see that happening. The lightweight division is going to get very interesting after UFC 209 as a serious contender for McGregor’s lightweight belt will be found. Whoever wins between Khabib vs Ferguson should be the one to face the Irishman next as they have earned that right.

The best fight for me would be for GSP to face Nick Diaz. They have both been out for a long time and are huge draws in their own right. It would be a big money fight and they have a history which makes it even more interesting. There are not too many MMA fans that would not like to see it and it will be one of the most enjoyable fights to watch.

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