MMA has been around for more than three decades, yet the term “mixed martial arts” hasn’t entered the public’s consciousness until 1993, when TV critic Howard Rosenberg used it in relation with UFC 1. Since then, the sport has gained a lot of popularity, becoming well-known not only as a sport but as a form of televised entertainment as well – a bit like WWE but with far less focus on the show. MMA is widely considered one of the most violent sports in the world – it is, after all, a full-contact competition, often sprinkled with spectacular knockouts and splatters of blood. Given its popularity, it’s surprising that MMA, in general, hasn’t left a bigger footprint on popular culture. Still, it – and other sports similar to it – have left their mark on various aspects of popular culture. So, let’s take a look at the casual end of the spectrum to see what games you can use to quickly get into the fight – virtually, of course.

Honoring the Giant

Some people only go online to try their luck with progressive jackpots at 7Sultans online casino. Others choose slot machines for fun – and the 7Sultans has a treat for them, especially if they are also fans of wrestling. Andre the Giant had perhaps the best stage name of them all – standing at 7 feet 4, he was easy to mistake. He started wrestling professionally at the age of 17 and quickly ascended toward world fame. He was active until 1992 – he retired after his final match for the All Japan Pro Wrestling. His memory is kept alive by his numerous film and TV appearances, as well as the 7Sultans slot machine bearing his name. You can try the game free – or for real – at the 7Sultans Online Casino.

Fighting on the go

When you hear of sports video games, EA Sports is the first company you think of. As you might expect, the company has found its way into the world of MMA, too – the EA SPORTS UFC® mobile app has over 10 million installs, even though it has a strong “PEGI 16″ rating. In it, players can train their athlete to go to the very top, step into the Octagon® themselves, and fight their way through a series of increasingly difficult opponents. The game even allows its players to participate in in-game “Live events”, playing fight cards for upcoming UFC events, and earn in-game rewards.

When in Vegas

It is no surprise that MMA found its way to Vegas – in the form of a slot machine based on the “King of the Cage” promotion. Launched in 2015 by US game developer Next Gaming, the King of the Cage slot machine can now be tried inside a series of slots parlors all across the nation. It is for the first time a fight promotion lends its name to a casino game, yet probably not the last, given the insane popularity of games of chance.

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