It took Conor McGregor only 3 years to go from a famous regional fighter to the undisputed king of UFC. Now, the guy is ready to brush aside yet another hurdle in the form of Floyd Mayweather Jr in late August this year. Boxing enthusiasts and punters everywhere are eagerly looking forward to the fight and are already seeking Mayweather v McGregor enhanced odds from the bookies. Let’s take you through a few more interesting facts about the guy, and reveal things you may have been unaware of!

He had a training offer from Mike Tyson!

It’s a commonly known fact in boxing circles that Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr are not the best of friends anymore. In fact, the legendary boxer had once offered training services to McGregor. Interestingly, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr were pals at one point of time but had a fallout after Mayweather declared himself as the greatest boxer of all time (which didn’t go down too well with Tyson).

On the other hand, Mike Tyson had always been fond of Conor and used to visit him regularly during his training camps in 2015 and earlier. Both of them were also spotted together at a UFC event once.


He tore his ACL while fighting Max Holloway

Although McGregor’s spectacular knockouts over Dennis Siver and Chad Mendes solidified his place in UFC as the king of featherweight category, there is one competitor McGregor couldn’t beat the way he would have liked. That was Max Holloway. McGregor tore his ACL during that fight, but continued and was declared the winner. But winning wasn’t good enough for the man; he still considers that a loss because of his inability to finish the way he’d have preferred.


Has a bodybuilder sister!

Conor McGregor’s elder sister was a professional bodybuilder at one time. So he isn’t the only one into competitive sports in his family. Although she didn’t become as successful or famous as Conor, she did make an appearance at the Fitness Extravaganza in 2013. Thereafter, she made several appearances and even bagged quite a few wins!


Who is McGregor’s savior?!

The year was 2008 and Conor McGregor’s fighting career had almost ended. The fighter had distracted from training and lost the passion to compete, so much so that he stopped training altogether and disappeared from the gymnasium! You could see him spending all his money and time partying, and doing nothing else. It was at that time when John Kavanagh his coach, at the request of McGregor’s mom, urged the fighter to continue training, and somehow convinced him to get back to the gym. He was able to drive some sense into the young McGregor, and offered to train the talented fighter for free. People close to the fighter know that John Kavanagh knew about Conor’s potential, long before even he did!

Conor McGregor – The Plumber!

The undisputed biggest superstar of UFC used to work as a plumber for a living before he got into professional fighting. Yes, that’s correct, Conor McGregor had apprenticed as a plumber for a good amount of time. No shame in that of course!

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