Conor McGregor for long has been considered the most popular athlete in the UFC world. His upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr in August is being keenly looked forward to by the boxing fans throughout the world. Bookmakers everywhere are coming up with their own best betting offers, to lure punters from all corners. Let’s learn a bit more about this UFC champion and how he has come a long way to bag a whopping $ 100 million for his upcoming fight.

Early years

Conor McGregor was born in Crumlin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, on 14 July, 1988. He developed a liking for fighting at a very young age, mostly pressed by the need of defending himself. His primary passion was football, until he got fully immersed into martial arts. Upon being urged by his parents, Conor took up an apprenticeship as a plumber after leaving school. However, he soon realised that plumbing was not his calling and left the profession for good, to create a legacy for himself in the martial arts world. He won a good number of small fights on the Irish mixed martial arts circuit, before losing to a 19-year-old fighter from Lithuania. That impacted him greatly! He stopped training for couple of months and began working on a clean slate as recommended by his coach John Kavanagh. Upon his return Conor knocked out 10 of his 11 opponents and soon became a multiple Cage Warriors World Champion, before foraying into the UFC world.

His rapid rise

Up until getting into UFC, Conor was living on a weekly welfare check amounting to € 188. A meeting with Dana White, the UFC President in February 2013 changed his life as he was signed by the UFC. The rest is history!

About the mystic Mac!

His constant trash talking and extensive self-promotion earned him a passionate following in Ireland. Just like the Muhammad Ali of the old days, Conor would predict how and when he would knock out his opponents, branding himself as the ‘Mystic Mac!’ That sort of talk even got the people uninterested in fighting watch his fights on the internet. He continued knocking out his opponents and the UFC also grew in popularity simultaneously. It was at that time when Conor McGregor got a title shot against Jose Aldo, the pound-for-pound king! The champion from Brazil had been unbeaten at that time, but was eventually knocked out by McGregor, thus creating a legacy for the latter.

‘I am Boxing!’

Conor McGregor became the biggest star of UFC and expanded his fan following to all parts of the world. Although he was at the pinnacle of his sport, there was still a lot left in him! Knocking out another champion Eddie Alvarez, he earned a second title for himself, becoming the first ever UFC champion to hold two titles at the same time! Thereafter two fights against Nate Diaz paved the way for the ultimate Conor v Mayweather encounter on August 26, 2017 in Las Vegas. As mentioned earlier, the fight is expected to make the Irish man a dream figure in the vicinity of $ 100 million.

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