A Closer Look at Mayweather’s Defeat of McGregor

It took 10 rounds, but in the end, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was crowned the winner of the much-anticipated Money Fight. Many fans didn’t expect either fighter to go the distance, but both put on an impressive show that will surely go down in history as one of the best crossover fights ever.

The fight attracted scores of celebs and the T-Mobile arena was filled to the brim with fans, most of who seemed to back McGregor. However, the Irish MMA champ was outclassed in the 10th round when referee Robert Byrd intervened and declare a TKO.

Still Standing Tall

At the press conference after the fight, McGregor reiterated what he had said after the call was made. He could have kept going and was merely fatigued – it wasn’t a true KO, it was one that the ref called when he was still standing. Regardless, it is still an impressive result and going 10 rounds with the best boxer in the world is not something many would manage; even if they were MMA champions.

Both fighters have shown incredible sportsmanship and after months of trash talking each other have praised one other face to face for fighting a good fight. This fight not only made the men in the ring rich, anyone who enjoys sports betting in NZ or anywhere in the world, and placed a large bet on Mayweather would have walked away with jangling pockets.

A 50th Victory

For former welterweight champion Mayweather, Saturday night’s fight marked his 50th consecutive win and the end of his career. He says he is now ready to retire and take his spot in boxing’s Hall of Fame.

McGregor has said that he felt the fight played out in style and that they gave the fans what they wanted- plus, Mayweather’s win was proof of what 49 victories leads to in the ring. McGregor is not ruling out further boxing endeavors, but whether he gets into the ring again will remain to be seen. Critics were impressed that he didn’t resort to MMA tactics and that he boxed his way through, remaining disciplined at every turn.

A Tough Fight

Initially, it looked like McGregor may just have the upper hand as it took Mayweather awhile to get into his stride and many thought that the psychology of the fight was weighing heavily on him. McGregor started off by landing a string of scoring punches, but after the 4th round Mayweather came in hard and the game changed. He said that he had done this deliberately and his plan was to wear McGregor out, then to beat him down.

Once Mayweather had found his stride he tired the Irishman out quite quickly, and in the 4th round, a series of stinging blows to the head left McGregor reeling. He rallied, and in the 7th round, it looked like it was all over when got hit with a right counter. Yet again, he managed to recover, but in the 10th round Mayweather’s right caught him off guard and sent him into the ropes. A hard left kept him there and when a hook saw him bend over, the ref called the fight.

In the End There Could Be Only One

McGregor, in his first ever boxing appearance certainly didn’t embarrass himself and the fact that he made it through to the 10th round has garnered him even more fans. Mayweather admitted as such and said that a win was a win no matter what, but that it was a good fight and that he had chosen the right dance partner to end his career with.

As the winner, Mayweather will claim around $200 million and the prestigious crocodile skin, gem encrusted Money Belt, while McGregor will walk away with a tidy $100 million minimum. It’s safe to say that he also did the sport proud and that despite not winning, he can hold his head up high.

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