CJ Hancock has claimed that his heart stopped and he suffered kidney failure during his November 3rd fight. The dehydrated welterweight fighter cites that this may have been a result of losing too much weight before the fight got started, and added that he will not return to the octagon as a contender anymore.

Hancock is Listening to His Doctor’s Advice

Hancock will not be getting back into the octagon again. He has stated that he has decided to turn his attentions to coaching fighters instead, after he was warned by his doctors not to fight again. The American MMA star apparently temporarily died in the arena, and the occurrence has shocked him enough to start making some serious changes in his life.

The Official Diagnosis was Kidney Failure and Dehydration

As punters who were looking forward to the event thanks to their online betting NZ participation will recall, Clovis Hancock collapsed in the opening round of the Legacy Fighting Alliance competition. This MMA contest is based in the United States of America, in Texas, and the ringside medical staff in place for shocking events like this one immediately rushed to his aid.

Hancock was revived, and later reported that the paramedics had to restart his heart not once but twice at the Arena Theatre in Houston where the brawl was set to unfold. After he was taken to hospital, the doctors there made a diagnosis of dehydration and kidney failure. This wasn’t simply the case of moving on from a lousy fight or a bad workout, this was now a potentially fatal condition.

Saved by Saline Solution

On Sunday evening, Hancock reported that his recovery was going well, and that he had been injected with eight bags of saline solution in order to kickstart getting better.

Hancock made an announcement on Facebook about dying in the octagon, telling his fans that his heart stopped and his kidney failed. He said that the paramedics had done CPR, and that he was hit with the defibrillator twice before being brought back. He added that the doctors had recommended that he give up fighting, and that he was distressed by the fact that he could no longer enjoy MMA as he has been. He hopes to funnel his passion for the sport into coaching instead.

A Hard Weight Cut to Blame?

The fighter, only 32-years old, stated that he had undergone a hard weight cut in order to be able to qualify for the fight, and that this may have been why he collapsed. At the time of the welterweight tussle, Hancock weighed 77 kg/170 lb.

Ed Soares, CEO of the Legacy Fighting Alliance, stated that Hancock dropped after he received a kick to his body from Charlie Ontiveros, his opponent. His statement revealed that, once the kick landed there was a delay of a few seconds, and after that Hancock simply collapsed in the cage.

Soares said that David Maldonado, their cutman, instantly recognised that something was wrong, and signalled to the cageside medical team at once. The team managed to stabilise and resuscitate Hancock, after which he was ferried to hospital in an ambulance where he remains in recovery.

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