The ravages of time spent in the octagon do not bode well for Ken Shamrock’s ideas of a possible return to MMA. This UFC Hall of Fame fighter, who last faced off against his longitme Rival Royce Gracie in a Bellator brawl almost two years ago, has stated that he would consider a comeback if the money made it worth his while.

Knee Replacement Surgery on the Cards

Shamrock has other things on his mind at the moment, however. Before any types of talks can happen regarding his participation in another fight, he is getting his knee replaced. This is a time-consuming process that will sideline the fighter, who is 53-years old, for a minimum of between six and eight months. Punters who enjoy the MMA markets that sports betting NZ makes provision for will have to hold on a while longer to find out if Shamrock’s comeback will be able to go forward.

Evaluation Can Only Happen Once He Has Healed Up

Shamrock visited Winnipeg last weekend in order to promote his latest comic book, called Rumblesport: Roads to Ragnarok. Whilst there he stated that he needed to deal with some things, but hastened to add that, further down the line, if a worthwhile fight came up he would definitely consider it. He then said that after he had dealt with his physical issues he would be more able to start looking at any options regarding his return to the ring.

Shamrock, who took part in UFC 1 back in November 1993, will be weighing his options as to possible opponents once his knee surgery has been taken care of. The former fighter said that he could not fully commit to the idea of a return because he is unsure of whom he would face off against, and he has not received any type of formal offer to do so.

Shamrock Says the Fight Has to Make Sense 

Shamrock went on to say that whether he does or does not return to the MMA, it would hinge on what the potential fight looked like.

He said that he was aware the Dan Severn was eager to step into the octagon with him, thanks to the fact that Severn had asked him to do so on a number of occasions, but it would depend on where the clash would take place. He said that he would not be fighting anyone in a backyard type of setting, or for any B-grade organisation, underdog or not. He cited his age as a factor for making sure that a fight, if one did occur, made sense.

Shamrock was expected to face Severn, a former opponent, at the URFight 1 in March last year, but he got pulled from the card after he failed a drug test related to his last fight, a TKO loss in the first round to Royce Gracie. Severn is, however, one of the very few fighters Shamrock would be willing to face off against, although he acknowledged that a fourth fracas with Gracie would not be an awful idea, either.

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